Friday, June 12, 2009

STORY TAG...doncha, doncha want 2...?

Previously pondering cleaning my house,you know like Sweet Cottage Dreams that entice you to make things look better--the thoughts vanished--remembering hubby was still out of town.

(There is some guilt being Just A Southern Girl…my mama taught me to keep a picked-up house.)

As quickly as pondering ended--I told myself I could log-in and do a quick blog update while sipping my 2nd Cup of Coffee.

(Now mind you, I should have decided to go downstairs and have an encounter with my "enticing elliptical machine" or gone Dancing with the Daffodils while pulling a few of the tall weeds creeping up into my front-yard island)

Either one would have helped fulfill my Phase4 goal of the day and helped me have a chance to one day make my yard look like Marsha’s Garden...but today I didn't choose to do either of those.

It’s fun to 'log on' with my ever-excited expectations of a “new idea”...a new “meme”... and puffs of perfection seem to come out of nowhere. How do ya'll come up with these ideas? They sprout up out of your blogging-fed, richly-soiled brains...sprouting up, like new-born mandrakes out of your brain-bulbed pots...but mine don’t come so easily.

…it would be neat if I could go shopping for a better blogging brain...there are local stores here but none as creative as Greg’s General Store (but I believe he carries plants...and watermelon sometimes). His blog does always challenge me to think about what it would be like to have a booth somewhere...what a great way to meet people.

Just keep blogging, blogging, bloggin...back on track.

So, I wasn’t disappointed when I logged on a couple of different places, and one caught my eye…causing me to Be Still and Know this might be my answer to “challenging” me “above and beyond” one of my some-what normal posts. Using the titles of others’ blogs as my “jumping off” point would help me write something totally unexpected…and possibly challenge my “commenters” to join in on the challenge.

I was originally seeking Peace for the Journey while blogging today but I was in the midst of enduring a Hot-Flashed Funk that wouldn't leave no matter how much soy milk I drank or how many times I turned down that thermostat. I continued to impatiently bounce back and forth between posts and comments, then stumbled on the right post and comment.

Mary, a friend of Kim’s, had done this and sent it to Kim…The “tagging in the post” caught my eye…you’re probably not too happy with my having TAGGED you in this post

…if you’d like to play, leave your link

…or ignore it, no harm no foul...just wanted to challenge myself to see how I could work several of your blog names into my post…’cause ya’ll are the best bloggin’ buds! J

You don't have to link to anyone, or go to anyone else's page. But leave a comment if you write a bloglist short-story…It was fun using your blogs’ names in the body of the story. Thanks Kim