Monday, June 8, 2009


burgundy "volunteer" day surprise this Spring
angel trumpet bush sprouting new leaves daily
two small flags expand colors and attract each eye
hosta blooms soon to beckon bees
a "breeze-shared" shasta daisy feeling the full sun's shining
weeding awaiting beneath the foot of my bench
humble home peeking through the hues of green
bright yellow daylillies delightfully show off
butterfly bushes welcoming future fluttery feeding frenzies

(double click picuture for bigger view)

Luscious greens of spring...
Summer's sweltering heat soon
...but, today we bloom!
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ellen b said...

I love your home mosaic. Very pretty. You have some great blooms! Like your Haiku, too!!

Kim said...

Lovely photos! What a delight to spend time in such a beautiful yard. Today I noticed a plant (name yet to find out) has an odd flower/almost flower on it. Completely new to me. I do like floral surprises :-)

I'm watching the sky with a wary eye as the clouds turn gray -- may have to make a mad dash to get clothes off the line. It was so sunshiney earlier.

I've won something on the SEWN carnival! Woot! I'll be getting a four-pack of pretty pink fat quarters. Makes me so happy since we recently found out that our friends who were hoping for a boy are getting another girl so I'll need to do another girly baby quilt. I'm playing around with ideas, kinda want to do an applique quilt this time around.

Was surprised at how many signed up for my giveaway, considering how late I started it. I'm going to print out all the names and draw from a hat.

Have a great week Jubisista!

Carol said...

That's a beauty!

Mary said...

Ah, how beautiful!!! And don't you just love those "volunteers?" Thanks so much for sharing the loveliness at Mosaic Monday. :)

Joyce said...

Love how you describe each pretty photo.

chubskulit said...

What a wonderful collage of photos, lovely!

prof en retraite said...

Lovely mosiac! Isn't it fun when you get a nice surprise in your garden? I have a pansy blooming right now among my begonias and I haven't planted pansies in two years! lol Your mention of the Dillard House is making me want some fried green tomatoes! Have a great week!...Debbie

christy rose said...

Love the pictures. I love summer!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great Pictures!!!! I'll have some soon of my veggie patch I getting it planted today!!!!Fresh Matters are on the way!!!!


Kim said...

Just had a good time with our co-workers. Talking about some things we're planning for the winter months. In July we'll be having some folks from Palabra de Vida (Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina) coming through and doing some special programs. And it looks like we'll be having a young man come in July for a month or so and a young lady in August or September for 3 months (from the U.S.) to get an up-close-and-personal look at missions. Plus we have our "mini conference" for the Argentina missionaries in mid-July over at a campground in Uruguay. My co-worker told me to take plenty of warm clothes! Brrrrrrr. Isn't it funny to think about having totally opposite weather? :-)

Carrie said...

I enjoyed reading about each plant in your wonderful mosaic.