Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

joining Erica at Scottsville for "A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE"

Have you ever found your daughter straddling the side of a city dumpster?
Yes, the one on the dumpster is mine...getting ready to walk around on the boxes and plastic bags to find the 'one' bag she knew had her RETAINER in it...yes, the $250 retainer that would have to go back in her mouth after she found it.
(I was at this retreat; however, I didn't know about this while it was occurring and it was God's providence that guarded me so I didn't know it)
She and her girlfriend both climbed in while one of her favorite counselors kept watch and was in charge...should anything HORRIBLE happen...i.e. rats, falling through a box or a bag, oh gross...I don't even want to speculate what COULD HAVE happened.
God blessed them...they found the 'right bag' without much trouble because she realized what she had done before too many other bags had made it up and over the side and into the dumpster. (And we were even lucky enough to have a dental hygienist available to give pointers on cleaning it as best as possible before it went back on her teeth...the thought still makes me tremble.)
This will definitely be a memory of that spring break trip that I will never forget and I'm sure dd won't forget it...and pray with me He will continue to watch over her. I'm praying she'll NEVER have to go 'dumpster diving' for ANY REASON ever again.
Come for a walk with us down Memory Lane!
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