Tuesday, June 16, 2009

T-O-M TUESDAY...thrifty goodies

Joining this week's THREE OR MORE TUESDAY... with Tam.
My 3-OR-MORE are treasures found at a local thrift shop yesterday...calling to me from the abyss of many other things, silently yet loudly calling my name.

(I did put a few things back on the shelf, deciding I really didn't need to bring them home with me 'cause then I'd have to "find" a place for them, doggoneit!)
Three items will be going to my upstairs closet and two items will find a new home in my dining-room sideboard. Two blouses and purse were run through the gentle cycle of the washing machine and the other two previously-black tarnished serving pieces had to be sprayed with silver cleaner and briskly shined with a cotton cloth.

I always like finding new tops and purses at the thrift store...these tops still had the original tags on them...and the purse had barely been used (just some smudgy on the side--which came out in the wash).

The serving pieces will be nice to use during the holidays and on special occasions...the casserole dish is the perfect size for a small gathering and the try will do wonderfully with little doilies for appetizers.
Five items--$22...a good deal, I believe!