Friday, January 21, 2011


TODAY'S been pretty uneventful...yet productive.
Having run out of hot water during my shower, the normal 20 minutes of bliss was shortened, to say the least, which meant I headed down the road sooner...that's good.
Stopping at "So-So onic" en route to my back doc, confirmed my recent assessment of this particular franchise...disappointment trickled in as my first sip woke me uncomfortably...woke me to the fact there was 'older' coffee in the pot and I was the recipient of it's bitterness...not that it wasn't trying to be hidden by the semi-hazelnut syrup..even the real 'half and half' didn't mask it's badness.

Returning to the drive through would have made me too late getting into the chiro, so another large cup o' joe started cooling in my passenger drink holder, waiting for its memorial...knowing it would eventually get tossed on the 'hibernating mum' outside the garage door...and it's buddy, the cup, would find eternal rest in my paper recycle bin...recycling, that's good.

Getting my spine re-aligned by Dr. Chiro gave my 'sacrum' some relief and I'm standing that's good, too...yippee!

Enjoying my newly-adjusted weight-bearing synovial joint, I drove toward my next endeavor...'emmissions re-inpspection' of my vehicle.  However, knowing I might possibly be sitting in their waiting room a while, I decided to pull into another drive through since I had not had breakfast at "So So onic".  My burger was very good and the drink was THE REAL I was pleased this time, not getting a 'bubble-less' Coke.

Waiting for my car to undergo it's 'second' inspection proved to be uneventful for me...I sat there knitting while other ran in and out, swapping vehicles, keys, and finding out whether or not they could 'leave it with them' woman mentioned at least five times "how cold it was in there"...which certainly didn't bother me at all, being on the 'permanent tropical vacation' that I am.

Seeing a young couple come in from their truck, I was captured by the beauty of a baby's eyes as his father carried him on his hip...steel blue, bright-shining eyes you could see across the lobby.  Then I noticed...everyone in this store had on their coat...even me...but the 9-month or so baby didn't have on a coat. 

Looking closer I also noticed his red, bare feet.  It's 37 degrees outside, people! 

Suddenly I found myself being a 'tropical vacation' baby policewoman...
"Your baby's adorable, he's so precious with those big blue eyes...but his feet must be freezing!" 

Yep, I said it. 
Having heard my comment, the father seemed to throw away all responsibility as he exclaimed to me from across the room, "oh, he just pulls them off when we put them on, so we just don't put them on anymore." 

Guess I've been noticing the down-hill trends of parents deciding that 'parenting' is too tough and this hit one of my nerves. It seems they're taking the easier way out rather than having to keep something warm on his feet.

Why should they worry?
This poor kid's parents may have already decided that 'he wins the battles'. 

Lord, please open their eyes to the worth of their baby, the worth of his health, the worth of his not winning all the battles, small or large.  Amen

Hebrews 5:13-14 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.  But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.