Friday, September 2, 2011

FIVE SENSES FRIDAY…”since it’s Friday”, hahah!

Five Senses Friday, usually at a lovely blog - Abby Try Again... find her blog HERE...

SEEING: A couple of weeks back we moved BabyGirl into her college apartment to begin her sophomore year….excitedly, she made wall art to decorate the shared living room…see the bird silhouettes…scrapbook sheets, free-hand tree limbs and black Sharpe's did the trick and slathered with Modge Podge


SMELLING:   left—over coffee continuing to cool in my coffee cup.

TASTING:    Newtons Fruit Thins (fig and honey)…2 gr/fiber, very yummy

FEELING:  a little anxious if my BabyGirl decides to drive to Mississippi this weekend to visit friends…tropical depression #13’s brewing its way toward Louisiana…expected to turn hard right and head that way Sunday/Monday…don’t like the idea of her being on potentially flooding roads.

GOES image showing Katia, TD13 and System 94L.

HEARING:   the whir of my portable fan compete with the newscasters as they describe events and then Giada as she whips up fluffy meringues in her blender on Food Network.

Play along if you like…leave me your answers or link.
Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!



Sassy Granny ... said...

Just this morning I was thinking how much I smell Fall in the air. I can't describe Fall's scent beyond telling you it's an elixer of dirt, damp air, drying beauty bark, aromic fir trees, and something I've yet to identify (probably mold).

Kim said...

You're very good at describing things!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Fun your daughter's art work..oh my college kids...all us parents go through things as they stretch their wings.