Wednesday, September 7, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAYS...'cause pitchforks were flyin'..revised


Have you ever had a little devil flitting throughout your day?

Little meanies whirring around your head? migraine was pounding...making my typing class notes an even bigger job.  

Devil-like Thing 1/Thing2 averting us away from 'details'?   
I left out two members of my class as I typed.  
POOH to those little problem makers!

His little pitchfork continued prodding on class day, eyes aching from only 4  hours of sleep.  
His idea of sneaking 'just one coffee' at dinner.  

Mr. Hot, himself, visiting the classroom, 'heating it' to abnormally warm for the end of Summer.
...pushed us into propping a window for a little of the day's cool-rain breezes.  

Angel classmates supporting attitudes even though the 'prop' fell from the window 'slamming' the window shut...(jolting us all out of our seats).  
He's NEVER going to give up poking...

Struggling to smile.  Asking for His (The Big Guy's) help in moving on instead of lamenting devilish occurrences...
(mindful:  some of God's answers are in HIS time)

Ignoring the little red guy's input, praying he leaves our space, then loading the DVD reviewing an expert's 4-Gospel theology. 

Loading it was SUCCESSFUL; viewing it was IMPOSSIBLE.
No matter what button was being pushed, no matter who was pushing the buttons.  No luck.

Interrupting the class again, then walking the long hallway to the 'building staff'...
finding out thunderstorms jolted all electronics; rebooting was in order.  
I KNEW who I wanted to REBOOT!  hahahah :\

Successfully reaching the finish line for the day, we shared wishes for a better NEXT WEEK.  

However, I must STOP.

Take notice of suffering, our suffering.

What was I learning as he was prodding?

NEVER waste suffering:
  • no caffeine after 5pm
  • full night's sleep: crucial b4 a 'study' class 
  • double-check sign-up sheets
  • use steadier props than styrofoam cups for windows 
  • ALWAYS double check electronics b4 class 
  • keep custodians' pager numbers
  • wear comfortable shoes for looooooong walks
  • KEEP backup batteries
  • God's Power...more reliable than any other...reachable on a prayer's breath...responds without walking down long hallways!
Ephesians 6:10 
"So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials, put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way."