Sunday, July 22, 2012


Week 29 with Sara and group...
7/15...SUNDAY, Driving home from NC, I pondered the daily lives of these two beautiful women (hubby's aunt on the left and his mom on right)
who find themselves in the category of 'lonely' these days, yet thankful they are in good 95 and 86 years old, they look wonderful!

7/17: TUESDAY, With the BIG heat we've been experiencing, my portulaca has bloomed, and our grass needs cutting...AGAIN! ;)

This planter was given to us by my mother-in-law the year we moved into our home, 22 years ago now.

Below are the various bird houses I've bought at local thrift shops...can you find them all? I'll have to make another picture when the sun is in a different location...this is kind of hard to see. I believe there are five in this shot you should be able to see.

7/20: FRIDAY, Collegegirl and I pulled into the driveway AFTER visiting the salon for hair cuts, to see a box sitting next to the garage door...FLOWERS! They were from my sister-in-law.

7/21: We love looking at lake homes and dreaming of retirement: we drove all over northeast Alabama yesterday; focusing on Lake Weiss

first...the front looks small but it is much larger inside and has great bones...
three bedrooms and re-done bath upstairs, large master with his/her bathrooms on main floor, large sun room facing the lake...
the backyard was 'to die for'...large flower gardens with four japanese maples, multiple cedars, multiple dogwood trees, very large white oak trees and many azaleas...
outdoor kitchen, two out cabins, dock w/ slide, diving board, skidoo lift, pontoon deck, ski boat lift, are awesome!

Later, we drove over to the other side of the lake closer to the marina and saw this one:
Large two-car separate garage, side-yard vegetable garden, windows all across the back of the home...

2 guest rooms, a small office, large master w/ sitting room overlooking the lake
large screened-in back porch (length of the house with jacuzzi)

completely remodeled inside with hardwoods, new appliances…granite countertops throughout large-island kitchen and baths (with rustic-tiled showers)...

7/22: Due to unforeseen circumstances with my 'ever-changing' body these days, I woke up late and then hubs called me from church to go have lunch...I ate a turkey sandwich but he had ribs! Love those Spiced Right ribs!
spiced-right-bbq-pulled-pork-sandwichHope you've had a great week!

John 8:31 "If you continue in my word, then you are truly Disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."


rita said...

Sorry about the body changes.
We always feel young at heart.
Those beautiful ladies don't look their age, which reflects their wonderful spirit.

Kim said...

Ahhhh, dreaming of retirement :) I can't think that far ahead; I just want to make it through the next year or two while we build and get settled into our own house. I figure about the time we get moved in, the Lord will move us up the valley. haha

But I do really enjoy looking at houses, even if I won't ever live in the area. One time we were driving through Wyoming on our way home, stopped for the night in a little town and liked it so much that after breakfast we drove around looking at the houses with for sale signs. haha We knew there was no way we would ever move out there, but it was fun to look!

You thinking of retiring to Alabama, I take it? Or are you like us, and just liked the area so decided to check it out anyway? :)

Have a great week!

Joyce said...

We're dreaming of waterside retirement too. It wont' be Alabama but it will be south of the Mason Dixon : )

I love flowers by surprise!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Everything about you is precious! I loved meeting you and your mother-in-law, both of you beautiful ladies.

Are you looking to buy a new home?