Thursday, October 23, 2008


Cielo at "The House in the Roses" is hosting "Hopeful Friday"...

Hope helps us through many things...
normal things, abnormal things...
comfortable things, uncomfortable things...

I was "hoping" to get done sooner than later...but it ended up being "later"...what presidential voting adventures have you had this year? I've tried to capture a few thoughts about my experience today...

3 1/2 hours!
Drinking my large, 4-cream, 2-Splenda coffee

Reading THE SCARLET THREAD, Francine Rivers
(Thanx, Beverlydru!)

Hearing moanings about the 40-ish degrees enveloping us
Covering my head with my black-hooded flannel jacket
Shuffling from foot to foot, bending my knees, following the leader
Channel 46 Helicopter hovering, Channel 2 news crews extending antennas

Policemen moving the caution tape, extending the line lanes
Black, white, Hispanic, babies, Mommies, Grandparents, some seem lonely
Lots of coats, hats, closed-toed shoes, flip flops and shorts

Example ballots, back and forth, long yellow sheets
Clip boards, absentee ballot requests, ink pens...any questions?

Finally in the door, no more wind, Thank you, Jesus.
Forms, identification handed over
Electronic card...good as one vote counts
Checked my vote, cast my ballot, pulled my card
got my "I VOTED TODAY" sticker
3 1/2 hours!