Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids truly do grow up too those times we spend together are growing more and more precious. I'm GONNA MISS getting to enjoy the theatre with my ENTIRE day she'll be out on her own and it will be harder to plan these type things...but for now, we're surely enjoying the fine arts with DD.

DD, a friend, DH and I enjoyed Friday night's showing of WICKED, the musical.

Outstanding costuming highlighted by impeccable lighting effects, voices that were crystal clear and multitudinal octave ranges for each singer brought it all into reality as we sat in our overstuffed, comfortable chairs.

Wow!! What talent blessed our ears and what vibrant sets and costuming treated our eyes while the voices and orchestra combined for a dance of our senses...I'm always amazed at God-given talent that is treated with great respect and pushed to its limit. The company certainly followed their director's lead and entertained throughout the entire show.

I'm still singing "Popular"...

imaginative play writing and production extraordinaire...
take your binoculars when you go, we forgot'll want to see the details in the gowns that Ga-linda wears especially!

Go see it!!

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