Friday, January 30, 2009


Will you be watching the Super Bowl, or it’s half-time show, or it’s “-mercials”?
It’s gonna be in Tampa, Fla.
...between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.
I had to look up who the coaches are: Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin (the youngest coach to the Super bowl, age 36) & Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt…I typically follow SEC college football more closely (Go Dawgs!...that was for Wally and LisaB)…the pro teams often bring some heavy-duty bad press to the eyes and ears, so they don’t intrigue me as much as the youth of college ball.

As usual, the teams’ state governors or city mayors get their names in the news by having “non-monetary” wagers released to the press around this time: If the Steelers win…Glendale must plant a native tree of Pennsylvania outside University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. If the Cardinals win… a cactus must be planted outside of Heinz Field, where the Steelers play. (I’m not sure either one will SURVIVE the environment of each city seeing how environmentally different these climates are…and how could that be good for said “trees”?)

Half-time is the “reason to watch” for some people…and this year they may get a pretty high-level of “watching and listening”....if you’re an “older rocker”…(don’t confuse this with the noun-form of the word, yet a lot of us probably feel the draw to sit in a rocker while watching)…we’ll be tapping our feet or moving to the beat of "BRUCE" and the E Street Band.

But halftimes are not the main reason I watch…I watch for the commercials … Yes, “waiting-to-see-the-best commercials”… Several “money-making ads” leave me wondering “what was that all about?”, some are emotional and capture my heart (who can forget the kid “winning” the jersey after he shared a soda)…then there are many involving animals in very unique ways (crows watching as humans run into glass doors, dogs retrieving alcoholic beverages from the fridge, and even polar bears sliding down hills with carbonated beverages). I find the animal-themed ones capture my attention.

My intrigue with the “mercialsisn’t a lonely place…I find a lot of our youth teens fall into said commercial wonderment…I watch “them watch”…Their spontaneity delivers better tag lines than the commercials themselves—you often hear them shushing those around to be sure not to miss a single line. Our Super Bowl get-togethers for our youth are well attended, well chaperoned…and don’t worry, we roll out the vacuums after half-time and send them home…so they’re able to make it home to bed early and no failing to make late-night driving curfews.

So, think of me Sunday evening as we eat, share time together and watch the “mercials”… Oh, yeah, I do have to put my 2cents in for the Cardinals to win, jus' cause I have some blogger friends from Arizona (shout out to a particular minister and his beautiful wife)…and they’ve never been in the Super Bowl.

To quote “Monday Night Football’s singer-of-the-past, Hank Williams, Jr., “Are You Ready for Some Football….or "mercials"…as the case may be?
Who are you pulling for?


Clif said...

Love this post! Thanks for cheering for the Cardinals and your words about us. ...Years ago in California our Bus Minister got a call from his wife shortly after he walked into the office. She was hopping mad. He had gotten up early fried some bologna for his breakfast and left. She let him know the bologna was for the kids lunch to take to school.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Being that I live in Arizona, you can be sure I'll be rooting for the Cardinals. In fact, one church here has a huge reader board that says: "Exodus 20:15 says it's a cardinal sin to be a steeler."

Think I'll go post the sign on my own blog.

Go team!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Is there a game on sunday?????

Patty said...

Well I'm having a party at my house on Sunday, but only mainly for the guys to watch and us ladies to chat. Great post. I love the mercials as well. Try getting everyone to hush though, they're all laughing too loud. Congratulations on your say it forward award! This is how I found you. I loved your video. That's so sweet of you to share like that. Come check my blog out some time at I would love to hear from you. I'm fairly new to this blogging thing and trying to meet new people. Enjoy the mercials.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love the Maxine cartoon because that's how I feel about it. Even last year when the Colts won. Yawn.

Debbie said...

We leave it on and mute it except for the commercials and half-time. No one in my family could even tell you who is playing:)

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Yes, we will be watching the Super Bowl, we love Kurt Warner and some of our Seminoles are on the Caridinals team. I love the mercials the most, you should go check out my post and see one of the mericals that is to be aired Sunday. Have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you do.

Wally said...

There's a reason the Super Bowl comes AFTER all the college football is done! This is the only football we get to watch right now. (Go Dawgs!!!) - WallyB.

Technonana said...

Papa and I were suppose to go to a Super Bowl Party... but were just too tired after traveling all day to get home.
Thought the game was a good one, but alas, our team just couldn't pull it out!!