Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 Week 3 (kinda)

I'm late again...

  1. After having taken down all the Christmas decorations on 1/10, I left the "final-wrapping-and-hauling-of-the-Christmastree-to-the-basement" to DD and DH....well, it's the 18th...said tree is still standing in the living hasn't made one move toward the basement! : ) ... they must really like it this year.
  2. Found my newest "angels" at the thrift store for $ me some thrift store...I'm enjoying them on our mantle in the den. I also got a soft-serve ice cream machine that best bud, Robin, and I will be breaking in with some homemade sherbet or who knows what.
  3. I had requested a puppy for Christmas...multiple times...but, to no avail. So, I decided to get two on my own...they will be extremely easy to housebreak, they'll require no food, and I'll never have to clean up after them. These two little twin scotties were waiting for me at the Hobby Lobby ... no one had bought them and they begged me to bring them to my house! So, in the car they went and they will be on mymantel next Christmas, enjoying their new home. Mr. Checks and Miss Dotty...
  4. Today after church, I finished my latest prayer scarf...I made it a little too long, but maybe the person who is going to get it has longer arms...anyway, it has a pocket on each end of the scarf for goodies or to help keep your fingertips warm. For more Project 365 pictures, go to: