Thursday, January 29, 2009


NOT A MEME....JUST A REPLY...After Liddie went to so much trouble...freezing in the cold, getting knee-deep in her wonderland, enduring strange looks from the cars and trucks as they drove by wondering why a woman was talking at her house...I just had to put forth the effort to send her a reply and share our weather back at her!

Oh, you made me cold as you bounced around in your DEEP snow of Indiana, showing us your latest blanket of white, flaky wonder...looked like it was about 8 or 10 inches. I remember a blizzard we had in March on '93 when my girl was almost a year old.

I dressed her in a zip-up snuggly that covered her from head to toe just knowing she was going to like the world of snow...yet, when we got out in it...she screamed and screamed, so i ended up holding her as I tried to introduce her to it.

Now my dog was a completely different thing, imagine my little 12-pound yorky-poo, with legs that were no more than four inches long...bouncing up and down, looking more like a rabbit than a dog...he looooooooved sticking his face down into the snow like he would going after fish down in the lake...he would emerge, his longhaired ears, his velvety face and long eyelashes donning fluffy white snow flakes...he looked like Chubakkah from Star Wars covered in sprayed-on snow!

Below are my well wishes for the day...