Thursday, January 29, 2009


NOT A MEME....JUST A REPLY...After Liddie went to so much trouble...freezing in the cold, getting knee-deep in her wonderland, enduring strange looks from the cars and trucks as they drove by wondering why a woman was talking at her house...I just had to put forth the effort to send her a reply and share our weather back at her!

Oh, you made me cold as you bounced around in your DEEP snow of Indiana, showing us your latest blanket of white, flaky wonder...looked like it was about 8 or 10 inches. I remember a blizzard we had in March on '93 when my girl was almost a year old.

I dressed her in a zip-up snuggly that covered her from head to toe just knowing she was going to like the world of snow...yet, when we got out in it...she screamed and screamed, so i ended up holding her as I tried to introduce her to it.

Now my dog was a completely different thing, imagine my little 12-pound yorky-poo, with legs that were no more than four inches long...bouncing up and down, looking more like a rabbit than a dog...he looooooooved sticking his face down into the snow like he would going after fish down in the lake...he would emerge, his longhaired ears, his velvety face and long eyelashes donning fluffy white snow flakes...he looked like Chubakkah from Star Wars covered in sprayed-on snow!

Below are my well wishes for the day...


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This was SO awesome! so great! I cannot really explain why this makes me so happy, but it does! I hope it's OK if I steal the option to embed your video because I feel strangely compelled to. I guess "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission" syndrome?! Also, I was going to put Zoe out there today just to see what she would do, although I'm half afraid she'd die of shock. I've been ill today (home from work) so I'm not so up to it, but I may try it tomorrow. Thanks again for making my week!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hey, I need to ask you a question or two; could you email me? It's for a post I'd like to publish tomorrow, so I hope you have time today. lindacrowatcomcastdotnet. Thx, Skoots.

Kim said...

What a great video! You crack me up :-) I'm NOT missing the Midwest snow but I could use a little of that cool for the same reasons you could. LOL Although insomnia is my #1 symptom of this glorious time in our lives, so I can totally relate to Baggy Eye Syndrome too.

Lid did a nice post on you today. Don't you just love that girl? :-) It was cool, 'cause it's great to learn more about my bloggy friends!

Greg C said...

I tried to get my cats to go out the last time it snowed here but they just looked at me like "you have to be kidding" and ran back in the house.

Julie said...

I see that you are a Georgia girl.... I am too. I live in the North Ga mountains. What part of the big state of the GA are you in?

I found you from Linda's blog. I loved your video... and yes, I remember the snow of '93. Do you think we will ever get another one?

Even living in the mountains we don't see snow... and then I look at Linda's and think, could we get a little of that????

I loved your blog. It's nice to meet you..


Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your video. And your comment on my blog. And your comment on Lid's blog about the mug! That!

Of course then I had to blog today about the whole T.K. thing. The things she gets me to do. . .

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I have not had a yonah burger. Can you fill me in on those??

We moved to Ellijay 2 years ago from Kennesaw.
I lived in Atlanta suburbs for 22 years. I was glad to get to the mountains!

I hope we get the white stuff....I'll be a happy camper to get just one snowfall of the year. It is beautiful and my children truly love it.

I grabbed the GA friends button and added it to my sidebar. Thanks for the invite!

Have a blessed day!

Edie said...

I'm in Texas. We don't get real snow here. Of course I moved here from California where we got no snow so I guess it's a step forward. I have to say I have never been in real snow. Not sure I could function in that much cold. lol.

Great video. Nice to meet you!