Saturday, January 31, 2009

PROJECT 365...WEEK 5 (1/25-1/31)

we had a great superbowl get together at church ...about 250 teens joined us for the outreach, games and food!! Go God...I'll be posting some pics next weekend...**

Early in the week it was rainy...then it started drying out and has turned cold within the last few hours.

My first pic for this week's Project 365 is a quick shot of hubby's birthday dinner early in the week...we had fun poking at him and that now he can get discounts at Kohl's on Wednesday ;)

We enjoyed a pork roast, macncheese, broccoli and a CARVEL ice cream cake...loved it!

On the 29th I had a half ham that needed cooking b4 February 5, so it was the pick of the day. This is my "before"...had to score it/criss cross pattern, I poked a whole clove in between each diamond shape...then back on the aluminum-foil covered roast pan...the into my convection oven at 375* for 2 hours...boy, did our house SMELL GOOD! WOO to the HOO as Liddie would say...I seem to remember her having "events" with hams...hhhhmmmmmmmm

At the 2-hour mark, I cooked down 1/3c brown sugar, 1/3c raw honey, 1/3c bourbon, and 2 tsp ground cloves in a small pot on the stove was spread over the ham, then went back into the oven for 10-15 mins. I never covered it, either before or after the glaze.
Here's my "after" was very yummy...I let it stand for at least 15 mins before cutting it. (It's a good idea to count the number of cloves you put on it so that when it is cooked and you have to remove those, you'll know how many to sure don't want to BITE into one!)

Today I finished my stack of "preemie" bonnets to give to little cancer babies, or any new babies our church wants to send a little hat. We do blankets, shawls, hats and angel squares. They're wonderfully easy and fun to make...the more you make the faster you go! If you're interested in the pattern just leave me a note or an email and I'll share the website.

I'll be posting my entry here tomorrow...@ Sarah's Project 365, go visit here on Sunday...


char72 said...

The ham looks delicious. The little baby bonnets are precious.

Greg C said...

Wow that is awesome that you make those bonnets. My oldest son wasn't a preemie but he was really sick when he was born and he was given a bonnet like that that another angel made. Thank you so much.

Kim said...

Oh.My.Word. That ham looks so amazing! I haven't even thought to find out if I can get ham here. Argentines are more into beef. But pork is available, I'm just not sure if smoked pork is.

Your preemie hats are too cute!

Happy belated b-day to your hubby :-)

I've never been big on the Super Bowl game itself, but like you I always enjoyed the commercials. And the party food!

Dena said...

Great pictures! Those preemie hats are adorable! I wish I had your talent and were as creative as well.

sara said...

that ham looked heavenly!!! I am going to have to try that because we love ham around here!!!

the bonnets are beautiful!!! How sweet it would be to receive one of those!

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said... the smell of food cooking for hours...yet another good thing about crock pots. Plus with ham , there are so many uses even days after cooking it.

LuAnn said...

The ham looks yummy!!! I love the little hats. That is one of the things I know how to knit.
Have a great week!!!

Gina said...

OOOO, I have a ham in the fridge - I'm going to have to make it soon! Your picture is just too yummy! TFS!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Great job on the ham...looks scrumptious!

And the bonnets are so cute! I don't knit, but if I did, I'd make these! :-)

Edie said...

What cute little bonnets. I would love to have the pattern. My 1st grandaughter was a preemie and had to wear a hat all the time. She still likes hats. I think they bring her a sense of comfort. I have a Contact Me button on my blog if you want to email it. Thanks! It's very gracious of you to offer the pattern.

Nise' said...

I am not a ham person, but man that looks good.

Elizabeth said...

Those little hats are so precious, and what an amazing gift to send them to sick babies. I'm sure they are much cherished by the families who receive them.

And that ham looks amazing. My husband hates turkey and he would love to try a ham like that. Mine are always so boring.

Clif said...

When I started reading about the ham I knew I shouldn't go all the way to the finished product (Ham). I love ham! Well I love pork: pork chops, ham, sausage, etc. But I am a diabetic and shouldn't be eating so much. I am trying to cut down and get a good Dr.'s report at my next visit. Man, I just can't get the picture of that ham out of my head. I didn't need to read about that birthday meal either. Too much good stuff!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

What a special thing to do for those babies. You will be blessed. Your ham looks delicious:)