Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More PCBH,FL, Day/Evening 4

SIDENOTE: IF YOU HAD A LOVING GRANNY like I did, you'll enjoy Rachel's post! :)

OK, back to MY post...you're probably getting tired of my vacation pics; however, I'm re-living it each time post and write about it...I so want to go back.

I enjoyed every minute and would love to STILL be there. Join me in GOING THERE again to show you the remaining days of our vacation journey...what a blessing! We started the day shopping ... light-changing keyrings, shirts, and book bags from DEL SOL...california rolls, shrimp tempura & teriyaki chicken...shirts from Guy Harvey (so cute and beachy!). The girls enjoyed the beach again...wonderfully pleasant afternoon at the beach (almost empty), nice scenery and, of course, they enjoyed getting to talk the 'cabana boys'...oh, I remember those days.

View Day Fun, July Sixteenth

As we were leaving for dinner, the sunset was gorgeous, AGAIN, and we wanted to stay on the balcony forever were STARVING and wanted to go eat MORE seafood…once home, it took me forever to figure out the fireworks setting on my camera and I creatively captured a few pics