Monday, August 24, 2009


Do you ever read something that just GRABS you?
Well, I just was over at Lallee's Cottage...she wrote:
God's shalom of
peace--the literal
translation refers to a garment intricately
woven with many
threads making a cloak that completely envelopes and cloaks us (keeps us safe,
warms us--brings peace).

Sometimes we don't like the stories (or people) God chooses to weave us into.

When we comply, by His strength, then we become part of that beautiful garment.
It was this question that really caught my eye: Whose life are you denying to be
woven into to bring them blessings?

What a wonderful question. It
started my wheels pondering...

Denial is a decision...
By denying we are 'keeping our color out of their
tapestry' when we 'hold our strings too tight and refuse to let them become entangled with the other colors'.

Why is it we seem to let our eyes go to the knots first?...seeing the ugly, seeing the mess, seeing something we don't want to spend time trying to unravel. I certainly find myself thinking things like this.

We talk ourselves into denial because it is the 'easier stitch to wrap around our needle' and slide away from the Holy Spirit
speaking in our heart.
Our denial turns us away before 'seeing the pattern from God's view', the view where the LIGHT is JUST RIGHT.

Shadows don't overtake His view of His creation because He sees to the very HEART of each soul, He knows
the hairs on every head, and He knows every 'string' by name.

Anyone working with yarn knows that more complicated stitches are best when executed with 'soft hands' while working the harder, more entangled stitches...they become the most-valued portions of the project.

Knots on the back may mean a new direction or a changed color...sometimes we 'run out of thread', we give up on our project and throw the 'unfinished piece' in the bag where it will be alone, without the loving hands of commitment to complete the pattern once intended.

Who but God's people, those who read His Word, should be able to recognize a bad decision (at the moment) but KNOW that God uses poor decisions and/or bad choices to BUILD UP a blessing in His creation. God calls us to be His hands, to reach into that bag, pull out those unfinished pieces and share His Love in every stitch until it is 'completed' and allow yourself to be 'worked in' to someone else's project, too...they might need a blessing of friendship, or possibly forgiveness.
And, hey, they might like your color!

Remember: You're the only YOU God has ever made...and He didn't 'leave you in the bag'!