Friday, May 21, 2010


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DON'T REMEMBER there being any ceremony involved...but, I did get a senior ring which is still in my jewelry box..although it doesn't fit on my ring finger I wear it as a 'pinky' ring.

Honestly, I don't remember if I had a party or not. One of my friends had a party at her house and I remember going there.

There was lots of fun training all the "candidates" who tried out to be the next drum major. This was serious stuff, like trying out for the mascot on 'Good Luck Charlie' when Teddy puts on a ram's head. Our "rites of passage" or "passing the baton" literally took two or three weeks of training and practicing all the 'right moves', learning the 'whistle commands', verbal commands, showed prowess at writing half-time shows and good decisions as a leader. I trained two candidates and the male of the two won out in the end after try outs.
My serious award in band was "the John Philips Sousa"'s in my office.
My daughter's chorus did 'fun' awards one year ... they awarded superlatives for many different categories...very outlandish types of things, which elude my memory...things kind of like 'most wrong notes' hit by a soprano...'last to arrive at Spring concert'...'most creative way to repair your chorus uniform' ...the awards were drawn on paper plates and then given to each recipient.
My Mom and I sent out graduation announcements but I don't remember how many or if they included a picture. DD and I sent out about 70 total, I believe...we had a lot of people to thank for getting her to where she is!
Our Baccalaureate Service was at a local church and we were all expected to be there...if you didn't attend it, you didn't march at graduation.

Our church may have listed us in a paragraph of the bulletin on Sunday, but I don't believe they printed any pictures. We didn't have too many people at our little church.
Our church NOW is much different ...we always have a senior banquet the junior class hosts after they've spent an entire day decorating our 'warehouse'. This year they had a 'survivor/LOST' kind of theme and they turned the warehouse into a jungle, with a fire pit, wild animals and the juniors were dressed in camo/khaki/jungle helmets, etc. It was too cute and the seniors enjoyed their trip to the jungle as their parent letters were being read and their baby pictures were being flashed on the 'big screen'.

As things were being torn down and put away, there was an opportunity to REALLY enjoy the chocolate fountain...I WANT this to be my NEW TRADITION :)

My tassel originally did hang on my rearview mirror of my vw bug...but, now it is hanging on my 'drum major' trophy from Florida State University. Both items hold a place in my heart

Many cards and letters came in with cash (is that legal?). Isn't it sad my brain can't remember any of the other gifts...I bet I have them listed in my 'senior book'...that is in the bottom of one of those boxes BS&K helped me move to the basement.

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."Blessings,


Barbara H. said...

I like the chocolate fountain but not people sticking their tongues directly in it. Ew! The one time I was at an event where there was one, people put fruit or cups or whatever on skewers to stick into the chocolate stream.

There do seem to be a lot more parties and traditions these days with graduation. I've enjoyed experiencing them with my oldest two -- I have one still in HS.

Mocha with Linda said...

Love a chocolate fountain!

No one sent pictures with their announcements back when I was in high school. I think that's happened because computers make printing a pic lots cheaper now.

Fun pictures!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the tongue in the chocolate!

Carpe Chocolate!


Kim said...

What fun memories (even if you can't remember them all -- lol). I think some things are just best forgotten, don't you? :-) God is good about helping us remember the GOOD things.

Have a wonderful weekend with the DD's party! We're off to Sta. Rosa for five days with the folks from our little fledgling church -- retreat time! Probably will not have internet access so "see you" next Wednesday!

rita said...

That was a fun post.
I have so much to learn about America and times past.
Is that you, the golden beauty?
Congrats on the great awards!

Susan said...

Fun to read about your grad! It's a good thing you were cleaning up when the tongues went in the chocolate fountain! LOL

bp said...

That chocolate fountain picture if so funny!

Thanks for sharing your graduation memories.

I forgot about the whole senior picture taking event of my senior year. That was such a huge thing back thing and I didn't even think of it when I was writing my post!!

quilly said...

At least you still have your class ring. My boyfriend and I exchanged rings. I returned his. He never returned mine.