Saturday, May 8, 2010


FIRST, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all those who are, want to be, have been, will be, and/or had one! hee hee

I love you, Mama!

Joining Sara...for this week's P*365 (Project 365)

5/2, Sunday (DD started adding labels, addresses and pictures to our stacks of envelopes)...our goal is to get them out before the end of this week.


5/3 Monday...always means a trip to the thrift store for "half-off" day.

Yep, got all four smokey 'martini-gonna-be-ice cream" stems for $2...(i didn't take the picture until Tuesday)100_5678

and....I got these pretty little place mats and napkins for $.50,...fifty cents, yes, two quarters.


5/4, Tuesday...making GREAT headway with all the announcements and running ahead of our schedule. 100_5710

5/4, WEDNESDAY...DD's car had to have some regular maintenance...and, it became MORE than regular maintenance; so the dealership paid for me to drive home in this adorable 2010 Civic (had a marvelously-working air conditioner)...DD wanted me to trade hers in for this one!100_5717

While I was so close to the OTHER thrift store, after dropping off DD's car I couldn't help but stop and see what they might have that I might NEED. This beauty is replacing my poor bag that was dry is full leather...$12, hee hee hee...yep, it makes me happy! 100_5723

...and then when I went back to get DD's car on 5/6, THURSDAY...the same store called my name again!

Go figure. This time I got some great 'serving pieces' and decorative 'romanesque'- type stuff to go along with our 'italian/old Rome' open house graduation party...I'm beginning to visualize what my tables, food and decorations are going to be like that day.

I absolutely LOVE asparagus, and there will be roasted garlic asparagus in this little platter that will reside next to the 'pork tenderloin' bites.100_5734

5/8, SATURDAY...This little guy was scampering back and forth across my front-door porch. He stop every so often to eat a few bites.



He's visited many times before...he's almost becoming a celebrity on my blog. We'll have to name him. Hope you had a great week and I am eager to see all of your pictures, too!