Friday, July 16, 2010

FLASHBACK's just GOT 2 be heard

Joining Mocha with Linda!

If you can't understand my 'drawl', you can read below...

What sort of sayings, colloquialisms, or proverbs did your family say when you were growing up?

1. Bless your/her heart...
can't begin to number the times I've heard it, said it and had it said to me....mostly in a good way, sometimes in a 'catty' way.

substitute name when I can't remember it's real the term "whatcha-ma-call-it")


When were they used?

1...When trying to empathize with someone after they've made a mistake... or sometimes cattily commenting when you have nothing better to say but you still want to "put on airs" and "be nice", which isn't too nice, is it??

2...ANYTHING can be the object; I especially use it around the house when I'm trying to think of the 'real name of something' and it's just NOT coming from my brain to the tip of my tongue.

3...This term is used when the hammer slips and hits my thumb; when I've dropped another utensil in the kitchen (for the umpteenth time and am tired of bending over an picking it up). I used to say this enough on my first job that one of the managers I used to work along side nicknamed me 'goober' (which here in our part of the country can also mean 'peanut'; people used to ask me why he wanted to constantly call me a peanut, hahahaha!


hat do you find yourself saying that you vowed you would never say?

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.
(Granny and Mother used to say this to us non stop...and I DO find myself saying it to DD and thinking about it when hubs might be going on and on about something)

Pitchin' a fit...
(more unhappy toddlers, mad husbands or even hormonal women; also known as 'hissy fits'...I'm doing more of this these day, too, even to myself...b/c I'm less patient with myself than anyone)

Runnin’ around like a chicken with it’s head cut off
(no thought-out plan; irresponsible living)...I often feel this way after I've tromped upstairs again to find out I still don't remember WHY I came up in the first place

What do you say that drives your kids nuts?

Anything I say these days seems to hit nerves...then the rolling eyes, crinkled brows and an extrenmely gutteral, multi-syllabled "iiiiiii KNOOOOOOOOOOOWa, Mom"

Is there a regional aspect to your speech?

Are you kidding? You KNOW you sound somewhat 'different' when people from other places turn and say, "Would you say something Southern?"

Do you have an accent and were you ever teased about it?

Definitely have an 'drawl' or 'redneck lilt', whichever you'd like to call it...but, it's who I am and doesn't bother me too much unless I'm around a large number of 'ferners' who can't understand what I'm saying...then I have to enunciate a little more for them; even though they say we speak slower, I find I have to 'slow down' my speech for them to get it...hhhhhmmm. So I'm

thinking they're more SLOW listeners, hahahaha!

Gotta love Mocha with Linda for Flashback Friday! Y’all head over and join in on the fun!