Sunday, July 4, 2010

PROJECT 365...kinda

Sara's hosting again...

We enjoyed visiting with friends to try a new 'chessmen' banana pudding I had made and wanted to share. After we 'yummed out' on the dessert, we played SONG BURST and its goal: get your team's piece to the end of the board ... but you have to SING "the rest of the verse" that has been read to you partially off of a card.
We laughed A LOT, tried to sing, tried to make up lyrics...we really enjoyed it! Hubby WAS GREAT at it...our 50's/60's guru, he is!

We said goodbye again to DD...AGAIN...hahahaha! She's certainly enjoying her Summer (deservedly so, having worked so hard ramping up her rigor for college and bringing home straight A's her last semester, yayah!!!! She left with many others to go on retreat @ BIG STUF in Florida...a GREAT Christian retreat with thousands of teens and young adults (mainly).
2009 <span class=Bigstuf Rainbow T-Shirt">that was LAST year's shirt...and this year's theme... BIG STUF camps are held several times over the summer...they ALWAYS have neat graphics, fun games, praise and worship that totally involve the students and inspiring presentations. She doesn't stop talking for days about the things they hear, see and it!

Normal household things were my week...but I did get some cupboards cleaned out and new shelf liner put in place...makes for exciting pics...yeah, right! My camera battery had died...I was sooooo busy, I never had a chance to re-charge the battery and take any shots. hahahaha

More chores and a visit to the antique store was fun...but no purchases, bummer. I did get to visit BS&K's house and water her garden and various plants while they were away enjoying THE WEST and ALL God's creation.
It was strange being at her house without her...and without Buster wanting to play catch or bring me his chewie. All was well and her veggies are continuing to grow in her gardent...many little tommy toes getting ready for her to return home :)

Groceries and birthday party shopping for a friend were the activities of the day. Pork ribs were an exceptionally good deal, as well as some skewered shrimp, so that's the plan for the 4th.
DD returned home safely and chattering away about what all occurred during the retreat. I love hearing all about her time at BIG STUF each year.

Laundry and wrapping the birthday present. Are you just bowled over with the excitement around here?!!

The pencil sketch of the SPANISH STEPS in Rome DD brought back to me from Italy is now matted and turned out sooooo pretty and now to find a place to hang it. I'm thinking it is going to go in the dining room on one of the smaller walls.

We feasted at a barbecue dinner (chicken, pork, slaw, baked beans, various petit fors, watermelon slices) for a friend turning 50.
Imagine...(that battery STILL hasn't been charged)
...a very large crowd, a very large, beautifully-landscaped yard,
a very large olympic-sized pool void of kids,
flickering tiki torches amidst the pines, screen doors, sporadic breezes,
blue and purple hydrangeas and magenta crepe myrtle galore,
shorts, flip flops and brightly-colored sun dresses,
white wicker rocking chairs, a black lab and a perky jack russell playing ball....
what FUN! teal and brown cupcake tower

Jer. 33:3
"Call to me and I will answer you
and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."Blessings,


sara said...

wow, you had a busy week.

and are welcome at my house ANY time!!!! come on!!! :)

Dena said...

The christian retreat sounds like a great time!!

Love the "H" cookies. Very cute!

Tori said...

Busy, busy!
I have not played Song Burst in forever!! I think we will have to dig that out!
Retreat sounds great and the cupcakes are lovely.
Have a super week!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Thanks for tending to my veggies!

I missed y'all!

We did absolutely nothing yesterday!

Call ya later!

Kim said...

Okay, I am officially tired after reading about your week! I can relate to the camera battery thing. Thankfully Ivan has taken it upon himself to be the battery charger in this house :D

Lotsa back pain and I've been up all night. Well, now it's about time to get up but I don't think I can. I couldn't be comfortable in bed and didn't want to disturb Ivan so I've been out on the couch. Can't sit up at all so am reclining in a very weird position in an attempt to be as comfy as possible while my pain level is at 7 on a scale of 1-10. Praying for relief from the pain and that the chiropractor can fit me in first thing! Have had back problems my whole life (severe scoliosis) but can never remember it being this bad, for this long (over a week now). Have had injections, medication and the inflammation was down enough for a chiropractic adjustment yesterday but still intense pain. Ugh. Appreciate your prayers.

At least reading blogs keeps my mind from being completely focused on the pain :D

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Your Italy picture sounds lovely. I hope you'll show us once you have it hanging.

Cuuute cupcakes!! Your party sounds wonderful. Love all the descriptions!

Mary said...

It sounds like a very happy and productive week to me. I hope you are having a great day today. Blessings...Mary

Teresa Dawn said...

Sounds fun... Wish I had an Olympic sized pool right now haha.

Robynn's Ravings said...

We used to have Song Burst and it was MOST hysterical for those among the party who couldn't sing or weren't musical. Good times. We had those laughs where you can't breathe and you nearly have an asthma attack. :D

Sounds like a great week!

Sassy Granny ... said...

No naps?

There's nothing like a productive week to make a weekend ultra-special. Take five!


Beverlydru said...

Hello, my friend.
I've been a sometimes-lurker and more often absent than not blogger lately. THank you so much for coming by to see my anyway. IT's my nudge to say connected with friends. Glad all is well in your garden patch.