Monday, July 26, 2010



Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


it's going to be 94* with a heat index of "Lord knows what"...

it has been horribly hot this week; so I find myself struggling to be thankful. maybe this heatwave is killing some kind of fungus or bugs...i can ALWAYS hope, God's ways are NOT our ways.

now, must go cut grass with the help of a breaking-the-door-down-to-get-to-the-lawn-mower "wanting-to-stay-in-bed-but-her-daddy-put-his-foot-down" 18-yo teen (who looks much better in her shorts than me, hahahaha).

oh, humiliation....goes alongside the embarrassment awaiting me once i've taken my turn mowing around the yard...i'll look like i've just jumped out of the neighbor's pool. (hey, that might be a GOOD idea)

can't i AT LEAST look thinner from all this VAPORING (you know, us southern peaches DON'T sweat) from the continual flashes?!!! THANKFUL is a good word for having the ability/means to cut the grass. there, i did it. sometimes being thankful is painful, too!


as barabara johnson said, "NORMAL" is just a setting on the dryer!!

here to tell you...NOT enjoying 'normal' these days.

HRT(hormone replacement therapy, which really should be named 'HER RECEIVING TORTURE') is NOT working.

flashes have calmed some--able to sleep at least 3 hours in a row last night;but, tell me, wouldn't you enjoy thousands of ants running around under your skin? surely this fun is too good to pass up? (it is just in my imagination though, some doctors have said so)

doctors, please've worked hard trying to get less complaints in this struggle while being wonderfully compassionate. please come on over to my house and i'll give it to for an afternoon of your pituitary gland feeling as if it's swollen to its max just waiting for the opportune moment to blow out your frontal lobe in my body.

just sayin.


'pot' store today...the home d'pot', that is.

finishing my 'project' will be the goal after the yardwork. last week's $5 square trunk FIND from the thrift store is 'gradually' morphing (which did mean the downfall of the five white ducks on the blue background...they ARE NO MORE, bless their hearts, wah, wah, waaaaaaaaah!)

scrounging around in the metal cabinet in the garage proved beneficial...found multiple cans of spray paint; however, they weren't they've run OUT of the good-color and a small investment must be put out for a new can.

once the trunk is complete, our strewn-behind-the-recliner throws will be in their new home.

so, what projects are being tackled at your home this summer?

"Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Acts 2:38