Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Psalm 90:12  “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Summer is inching by like a little worm toward the next season and my focus turns to readying myself for the next class I will be facilitating.  My devotional Bible verse appropriately fits into my desires for my class...these new friends, old friends, younger and older, each seeking something ‘new’ from our Bibles, from the Holy Spirit’s counsel. 

Pondering further on this Psalm, in context I know the Israelites were in the desert ‘needing’ God’s knowledge, His bounty, and His provision for their daily survival.  Moses still had to remind them to daily seek and obey God’s guidance.  

Hey, Is Moses standing in the room?…Am I bumping elbows with the stiff-necked Israelites?  

God NEVER turns from teaching me in my own desert but MANY times I turn my heart away from His wisdom.  Are you like me?  Have you ever thought you knew better than God how to ‘handle’ a situation?  Well, for me...last year, or last week, ; no, yesterday; oh, I've got it, just a minute ago!  Duh!  

Why do I quickly forget God’s eternal omnipotence, His seeing before, during, and after me…seeing after all creation?  What would I do without God’s Word in print?  It is such a blessing. 

Dear God, I pray our class chooses to be still and listen for Your teachings.  You may ‘knock some of us down a notch’ along this year's study; but, show us the Preciousness residing in sharing Your Word with You, each new day.  You reminded us through James in his chapter 4 verse 13: “You're nothing but a wisp of fog, catching a brief bit of sun before disappearing.” Please aright our minds for time with You before we begin studying each day...send Your Holy Spirit to discern and counsel, to bring any needed comfort from suffering along the way.  Your guidance is what I seek for this upcoming class.  Amen

Having referred to Mathew Henry’s commentary on this Psalm 90, I’ll finish with this…Henry states:

Those who would learn true wisdom, must pray for Divine instruction must beg to be taught by the Holy Spirit for comfort and joy in the returns of God's favor. His favor would be a full fountain of future joys, a sufficient balance to former griefs. Let the grace of God in us produce the light of good works. And let Divine consolations put gladness into our hearts, and a lustre upon our countenances.