Friday, August 6, 2010

TRANSITION...with a capital T!

'Transition' is rev-ving up all around...Defining moments for each person in their own way. Two of GoogleDictionary's definitions were:

1)"passing from one place to the next" and

2) "a passage connecting a topic to another following topic".

Trying to be involved in a child's passage from each stage can be trying, exciting and scary (for parent and child) both of which may or may not recognize the emotions as they occur. One could call it: "Normal abnormality"...oxymoron-ish at its best.

Younger kids are sometimes scared to make the next step...relying more on their support system at that stage, they'll even run back for one more hug before gingerly walking into that kindergarten room of strangers.

Teenhood's welcome mat isn't as easy...sometimes parents encounter an extended arm rather than a hug...hearing the extended "Maaaaauuuuummmmm!" when one makes a comment in front of a friend, dropping a teen at the corner rather than the front door...NOT being seen WITH "them" (the parental unit is a usual reference)...'til they need cash, that is, and they lovingly bounce up to you saying "Mommy!", notice the lack of three syllables in this instance, hahahaha!

Wanting to share in the college transition has been a "want" of mine this Summer. Adulthood has 'moved into the neighborhood' gradually over the last couple of years...and there seems to be NO PLACE for Mommy. Does anyone else hear a voice reminding heart and mind to continue praying...your best choice is to be welcoming this adulthood independence).

Many minds are swirling, I'm sure, with ALL the "transitions" that reside in each year's August:

Back-to-school ads out the ying yang...all the specials on back packs, glue and notebooks...the normal, run-of-the-mill stuff

Getting on their college-bound student's last nerve Enticing freshmen college students to purchase have-to-have items before getting on campus...

...thank goodness it wouldn't be our SUV rolling over...and hopefully one won't roll onto her either.

Orientation excitement confusion over high school maps: like when Christopher Plummer as John Adams Gates in NATIONAL TREASURE said, "They devised a series of clues and maps to its location. Over time the clues were lost or forgotten...". Yes, MUCH concern still resonates with parents and kids over freshmen FINDING their way thru their high schools...but there's hope: seek out wonderful maps at your fingertips God-sent buddies to guide them through the halls and highlights their rooms on the maps given by the school leaders.

FaceBook newsfeeds turn into class lists, students' teacher-rating systems and 'when's your lunch'...THE MOST important thing, ya know?!! Once their new friends are made, some will begin populating their newest 'photo tags'Harry Potter Character Tagging Facebook

Hugs and kisses to friends ...early orientation in other cities...moving into dorms, meeting new roomies...beginning new adventures in adulthood and gradually fading away from our 'everyday'...growing up can be painful but sharing is important, especially those feelings of love and compassion. Those who TRULY care for one another STAY IN TOUCH

Sherman tanks Buses have been invading our neighborhoods at dawn each day this past week ...rattling sun-soaked sleepers into the quickly-departing Summer mornings. Falling back to sleep sometimes comes quickly (unless it's Wednesday (when the 2nd platoon of tanks roll 2-ton garbage truck vibrates the rafters then rapidly toss the recyclable bins into the street leaving the garbage receptacles open for the world to smell and the vultures to gather).

WHAT TRANSITIONS are you noticing in your part of the world?

p.s. "DD, if you're reading this, you are welcome to use the photo mosaic above to tag your friends, <3>Mommy ;)