Sunday, August 22, 2010


sara_p365button09JOINING SARAH…WEEK 34…HERE IT IS:
SATURDAY, 8/14--we moved DD into her dorm room…
here you see hubby readying DD’s desk (which is sitting in the common living room b/c there is NO room for it in their bedroom.  
You see DD in the room standing @ her room mate’s desk…she turns around and there is there bunk bed…oh, soooooo small!
100_7166SUNDAY, 8/15--Having my mouth ready for some of Applebee’s new lobster mac-n-cheese…and the one we went to DIDNT have it…whaz’up with that?? 100_7171 
MONDAY, 8/16--Made some absolutely fantastic pablano peppers, the flavor was FANTABULOUS…not too hot and an easy stuffing…served with speckled butter beans, saffron rice and tomatoes.
TUESDAY, 8/17--my second crop of herbs…sweet basil and mint ARE SPROUTING AGAIN
100_6944some fun thrifting the same day…a cozy for my little teapot…another fondue set for our “welcome-home-from-college” dinner (whenever that will be)100_6957Two potholders to ‘copy the pattern’…not bad for $.75100_6949Some GREAT books were snagged @ the thrift store, too!  One Christian humor… 100_6952Can you tell I’m contemplating a new puppy….\this one will have to be AFTER the class I’m facilitating…100_6947These two will be for next SUMMER…100_6946I’ll be saving to give this to DD (when she gets ready to move into her place next year).  I really DOUBT she’ll be doing much cooking this year, but NEXT YEAR, she’ll probably be in an apartment and then there will be NEED…100_6948
WEDNESDAY-8/19-Started working on my next facilitating adventure…contacted all the class members and bought items for the orientation class100_6958
NO pics Thursday/Friday :(
On the road early Saturday morning…a girlfriend’s daughter was staying with us…she had to be at 10am play practice…Her mom and dad were driving to Nashville for ‘college drop off’ with their older daughter.100_6960 SATU RDAY, 8/21…we enjoyed FARKLE during our sunday school social last night…they LOVED it! 


Kim said...

"That's it" ??? LOL Girl, I am tired just reading all you did :)

Glad to hear DD is settling into college life. Even once she's in an apartment, not so sure she'll do much cooking. My DD subsisted on food from work (she worked at an upscale restaurant) and frozen t.v. dinners! She figured she cooked maybe 8 times total one year. :0

Haven't played Farkle in years! I'd forgotten how fun it is.

Basil and mint again?! Wow. Could go for some fresh basil right now. And fresh, picked from the vine tomatoes. Mmmmmm.

Have a great week!

sara said...

thanks for all your encouraging words!!! it's an emotional time, isn't it?

Jason's room was so big....much bigger than I had in college for sure. But seeing as they have 10 instruments between him and his roommate, they need the space! ha!

recipe please for the pablano peppers!!

how far away is DD going to school?

Tori said...

You had a busy week woman! :)
Glad DD is getting settled. Space is definitely a premium when you go away, isn't it?
Such great finds and good bargains! You picked up some great books too!
Those peppers sound great!
Have a super week!!

He & Me + 3 said...

The shack was a great book and I love me some applebee's. I need to go hungry.

Joyce said...

I just read Sweetwater Creek amd loved it. I like most of her stuff.

Girls can jam a lot of stuff into a small amount of space : ) I'm moving my youngest into an apt which has a lot more room than her dorm did but she manages to fill it up just the same!

Lindy said...

Thanks for your visit and your encouraging words. I enjoyed poking around your blog...