Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RANDOM DOZEN returnzzzzzz

random dozen
JOIN US over @ 2nd Cup…she has all the questions spelled out verbatim…I've trimmed them just for “reading quickly’s sake”

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Lid's today!!

1.fav fair food:  grilled turkey leg
2. need to let go of:  2 many 2 decide
3. favorite gift:  teen talks
4. tried something new: made stuffed pabalanos…YUM!
5. fav/least book genre:  Political Intrigue...gag
6.Silver...has to match my hair now.
7. makes me sigh: good advice being taken & good advice being wasted
8. If I didn’t know my age, I’d claim: 45
9. break a law to save family: probably not
10. teach: American sign language
11. friends ‘dissing’ another friend: listen and wonder what they say about me
12. Love Language: Words/Affirmation