Saturday, April 9, 2011


I LOVE enjoying the quest for the GREEN JACKET for the winner in the Masters Golf Tournament @ Augusta National every year. 

I've enjoyed watching it since I was a kid and my Daddy always watched it.  He would explain things to me but I didn't really care wasn't the art of the sport that intrigued me when I was younger. 

However, now it is a different story.
Hogan Bridge Augusta National Golf Club
I LOVE playing it, watching it in person, watching and listening to it on TV until all the wonderful birds, galleries watching expectantly, and TV hosts whispering drifts me off to sleep. 
There is NOTHING like the sweeping swish of the golf club on the drives
the clicking of the ball when it reaches the bottom of the cups on well-hit shots
or the feeling I get when I'm  the person doing either of the two things previously noted.
Augusta National Golden Bell
Do you enjoy a sport?  
update: 5 golfers, tied for first place @ -10 on the back nine...amazing, simply, amazing.  What an interesting final round!                              
Charl Schwartzel



sara said...

We are watching the Masters here too...or should I say my husband is! I always joke that I had 3 kids so that he would have his "foursome"!! I don't enjoy golf...just don't care if that ball goes in the hole or not! ha!

My sports are tennis and baseball...I could watch either of these all day!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

The three sports that I love watching are baseball, basketball, and football I enjoy others as well but not as much. I don't play anything, I'd rather just watch. :)

I am a Woman of God said...

I want to take up golf.
Christian Woman