Wednesday, April 13, 2011


joining JOYCE @ THIS SIDE OF THE POND for wednesday hodge podge...
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Rather talk to everyone at a crowded party for a short time
Or have a significant conversation with two people?
I would prefer to have a significant conversation with family and friends; time is fleeting
What objects do you remember from your parent's living room?
·        Mother would always play her high-back piano
·        Green sculpted carpet
·        Pleated drapes Mother made
·        Amber-colored glass rooster on her formal end tables
·        bookcase , front foyer, world book encyclopedias, family bible and bible story books
Do you hog the bed…steal the covers? Snore?
We both snore…but I’m loudest…hold your applause…I HATE it.

My favorite way to cook lamb is:

Grilled/smoked with BS&K’s
apricot sauce, mmmmm!
Where is your birth certificate?

When was the last time you produced it to prove you're you?
Safe deposit box; had to secure a certified copy for my passport a couple of years ago…what a hassle…had to go 3 different times to get it…I believe I posted about that nightmare
As a child, how did people describe you?
big-blue-eyed toe headed ballerina…hair white as snow; I always walked around on my tip toes

What do you complain about the most?
‘horring’ mones, or the lack thereof…this is the worst experience of my entire life b/c it is unforgiving
My random thought:

The most ridiculous fight I ever had with a family member: 
A close family member (won’t specify which one)...anyway, this person got MAD at ME for being angry at MYSELF (they were tired of hearing me let my emotions out about another ‘stupid’ thing I did b/c of these ‘horring’ mones)…moan, moan, moan, I try NOT to do this to myself, but there are only so many repressions you can hold in and be somewhat healthy.


auburnchick said...

Isn't it funny how we sometimes argue with people about things that they want to help us improving ourselves? Yikes! I hate when stuff like that happens!

Joyce said...

Today I had my first bone density scan...just tack that on to the list of things that need checking when you hit 50. I told the tech that judging by the way the rest of me is falling apart I'm not expecting my bones to be in great shape either : )

Glad you played along!

Cathy said...

Those hormonies shore ain't any fun! lol

Thena said...

Don't even get me started on hormones. Sometimes I can't even stand to be around myself.