Saturday, April 2, 2011

P365...WK 14...pesky rodents


Project 365 - Week 14

Joining Sara for a recap of our week in pictures

Finally put out my latest bird feeder...well, it's supposed to be a 'bird' feeder...more about this later

Chilly outside which meant chili was 'just right' for dinner; used leftover bacon and some really good cheddar to make some little quesadillas
Leftover chicken ended up in some multi-veggie penne pasta alfredo
one of my best THRIFT a 'what seemed like' brand new mr. coffee cappucino had all its parts...only thing missing is the user's manual, so i'll go copy that's my 1st cafe' with' bustello, yum!

These little happy april fool's day "I'm a bird, too"   turkeys  rats  rodents  squirrels won't leave my feeder to the birds...not sure what I will be doing to keep them from eating ALL my bird seed.

4.1.2011This is more like it...a real BIRD eating from my feeder; I enjoy watching them visit and take their nibbles
My dogwood trees are blooming ... and they have a visitor...not sure what he is other than a bug.  Anybody know what this little green fellow is?

 Come join in with us @ Sara's...we'd love to see your photos, too!


sara said...

our dogwoods are blooming too and they are gorgeous!!! my azaleas are at full bloom!

RaD said...

There is such a thing as leftover bacon at your house? That's unheard of here, we'll often fight over the last pieces :)

I knew you were gonna say a squirrel was raiding your adorable bird feeder. Did you try moving it?

Amy said...

Oh my goodness your pictures are so good. Especially the food many food pics this week from the Project gang. Pesky squirrels!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh those bacon and cheese quesa looks delish! and beautiful dogwood flowers! Hope you have a great week!

Kim said...

Love dogwoods! It always made me happy when I'd go to the big quilt show in Paducah at the end of April and the dogwoods would be in bloom. So lovely!
Squirrels are little acrobats and it's amazing how they can reach birdhouses!
Your food photos are making me hungry. lol I think I need to go start my morning coffee and grab some breakfast.
Have a great week Jubisista!

LuAnn said...

love the flowers - the dogwood is beautiful too !!!

Joyce said...

That chicken alfredo looks really good!

We used to buy something called Pepper had actual pepper in it and it kept the squirrels away...they might have tried it once but it worked. It doesn't bother the birds. I think they sort the seed and skip the pepper.

Mimi said...

Wow, what a great thrift store find! Your chili looks great & I'm jealous of your flowers.

Hugs & love,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I miss my dogwoods...

glad you are enjoying your newest thrift store find! great deal!

nothing beat an afternoon latte!


rita said...

Dogwood, ohhhhhhh!
And that coffee maker. You always find such deals~


Love your dogwoods. They are gorgeous...and the squirrel.

The Bug said...

LOL - silly squirrel :) they can't get into ours, but the sparrows very obligingly fling seed hither & yon so the doves & squirrels just have to graze below the feeder.

Love your food pics - is it lunch time yet?

kt moxie said...

Beautiful dogwoods. And those squirrels! It's like there's no birdfeeder they can't figure out!