Thursday, April 7, 2011

THRIFTY THINGS FRIDAY here's to the little guys

Thrifty Things Friday joining Diann and they others @ THE THRIFTY GROOVE and Cindy @ MY ROMANTIC HOME for

If you've been visiting here, you KNOW I'm a 'thrifter'...not to be confused with a 'drifter'

(although I do drift from one store to the next to find the BEST deals...but I do pay for things and don't beg).

I especially LOVE finding anything under a buck, a dollar, one hundred pennies; however you want to say it.

My cutest (and least expensive) find this week originally sold for $7.99 (the one I found still had original price tags under the plastic covering). 

A little bluebird bird feeder for my backyard...gradually I'm getting more and more species of birds visiting each day.

my purchase price was $.50, 'fitty' cents, half a dollar, 5 dimes...hahaha!

He will help me feed the 'little' birdies in my yard...finches, warblers, etc.  He was easy to prepare...took an apple, slathered it with peanut butter and rolled it in bird seed. 

Then stuck the provided skewer down thru the top of the little wooden bird, thru the seed-covered apple and into the hole at the belly bottom of the wooden birdie. 

I've already had two different finches and one hummingbird peck on it...the squirrels are confused by it because it swings easily and they can't get hold of it...YEA!!!!!

Eager to see your finds this week ... Come join us @ Diann's!