Saturday, April 16, 2011

PROJECT 365...wk XVI

Project 365 - Week 16

joining Sara and group for another week...

4.10 (no pics ...)
4.11  My nephew and his wife have a new son...he is precious.  I'm so eager to get to meet him.

4.14  Leftover chicken meant 'salad'
It was great on a seedless rye sandwich...

4.14.11: little bit got to go home, and his big sister is LOVING having him there ;)
4.16.11:  weather has been a 'booger' lately...Moms don't like seeing these kinds of maps when their child is in the same vacinity.  Makes me want to 'go get her'.  But, God was watching over her and trying to calm her nerves.

Prayers go up for the families of 7 people who died in this storm, so sad.
Hope you have a blessed week; and I'm praying for no more storms.