Sunday, July 3, 2011

PROJECT 365...

Week 27...and here we go:

6/25, 26 no pics...
busy working on joining some pieces someone crocheted and donated to us...i chose a leftover yellow thread to contrast the blue with an extra pop

my fridge has changed its mind and decided it needs to be a freezer.  don't ask me why...maybe it's not liking 'fridge' wages in this down economy.

i've always heard they are colder the more food you keep in them...and i guess that's true

At first it was my lettuce that crunched like breaking glass as i starting tearing it for a salad...i ended up throwing most of it away.

i adjusted the thermostat and it seemed to help some, even though i discovered the celery was like icicles and the mayo was rock-hard frozen

a day later, i saw that a few of my eggs looked 'cracked', literally; I discovered this:

finished another 'piecing' before heading to the doc for my yearly physical.

i was meeting a new internist and was a little eager and anxious, so i kept my hands busy until the appointment.

Friday the hubs took the day off and he spent his day shopping for some 'electronics' the girl child will need at college
i had fun doing three loads of laundry just before i attacked the "fridge with multiple personalities" was definitely 'overdue
after a cup of coffee, i settled in my chair to begin working on my last 'pieced shawl'
...there was also some watching of the women's Wimbledon finals and men's doubles
This one was a little more of a challenge...I had found 3 crocheted place mats while thrifting a few weeks back...and this past Tuesday while i was at the church, i was able to find a matching thread for edging and joining

Each place mat was pretty tightly woven (probably machine crocheted) ...the hook getting through the edging was the toughest part of this project. 
The joining was a breeze after i edged them, then i added a double crochet edging around the entire piece.

total cost:  $.75...yes, 75cents!
it's so nice to be able to spend a 'little' and 'get a lot' ...what do you think? 
I'll keep looking for pieces whenever i saves soooo much time, too.
come share your week of pics with us...we'd love to see your week, too!

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