Friday, July 1, 2011


joining SWEET TEA and sharing some GOOD NEWS ;)
…skoot has been working as a ‘music leader’ and ‘substitute teacher’ at our church daycare
  • can you say "able to pay for her own gas"?
  • the teachers are upset about her ‘having to go back to school’ this Fall
  • news like that gave this mother a boost 

…meeting my ‘new’ internal medicine doctor was much more fun than expected.  
  • he told jokes throughout my physical exam
  • and VERY attentive as I told him my history.  
  • blood pressure was lower that day than it’s been in 4 years, yeah!!
…hubs got a ‘4th sale’ deal on a 42” TV today
  • eager to install it
  • the old one (all of 1 ½ years) decided it would just go off anytime it wanted to..and then come back on…and then go back off…geez!
…there’s something WONDERFUL about looking in a ‘newly cleaned out’ fridge
 …enjoying keeping up with a friend’s bunnies, born in her back yard by a wild ‘cotton tail’

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