Friday, July 1, 2011


joining SWEET TEA and sharing some GOOD NEWS ;)
…skoot has been working as a ‘music leader’ and ‘substitute teacher’ at our church daycare
  • can you say "able to pay for her own gas"?
  • the teachers are upset about her ‘having to go back to school’ this Fall
  • news like that gave this mother a boost 

…meeting my ‘new’ internal medicine doctor was much more fun than expected.  
  • he told jokes throughout my physical exam
  • and VERY attentive as I told him my history.  
  • blood pressure was lower that day than it’s been in 4 years, yeah!!
…hubs got a ‘4th sale’ deal on a 42” TV today
  • eager to install it
  • the old one (all of 1 ½ years) decided it would just go off anytime it wanted to..and then come back on…and then go back off…geez!
…there’s something WONDERFUL about looking in a ‘newly cleaned out’ fridge
 …enjoying keeping up with a friend’s bunnies, born in her back yard by a wild ‘cotton tail’

Wanna share some GOOD NEWS?



Sassy Granny ... said...

42 inches? I'll be over for the next Super Bowl!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Remember the day when a televisions lasted for 20 years?????


Sweet Tea said...

Glad you took the "Good News" idea to your page to share. You had LOTS of good news.

Fantastic that you like your new Dr. and that your BP was good. I love me a good medical report!

Now, could you/would you please come to my house and clean out my fridge? :-)