Sunday, July 10, 2011

PROJECT 365...week twenty eight

Week 28.  Come join us @ Sara's.
A slower week around here...Here are my pictures:
finished edging and joining three place mats...bought @ the thrift store....turned them over to the shawl ministry on Tuesday morning.


Decided to use the manicotti pasta that had been in my pantry for a's nice to be able to put together a meal from 'what you have' and not have to go to the store in all this heat.

7.8.2011  Skoot and I had to drop by the store on our way to BS&K's  to make sushi and I had to get 'crab'. 

The last shuttle launch was counting down on the radio, so we sat and listened as the LAST shuttle mission took off into the heavens.
I watched the first moon walk live, when I was 9; and now to hear the final journey, I was pretty sentimental.  I worked with engineers who helped on these projects and they've told me the hours and hours of beta testing, practicing and re-work that goes into making these flights successful.
God Bless America!  It was AWESOME ... my cousin was in person watching and taking this picture.  Thanks again, Heather!
Here's the sushi-chefs hard at was yummy!

Skoot and her daddy were busy all day stripping and sanding furniture out of our basement (for her university apartment later this year). 
I can't wait to see it after they get the new stain and hardware completed.
These were just a few of this week's happenings...
What have you been accomplishing this week?
Jer. 33:3   "Call to me and I will answer you  and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."