Saturday, January 7, 2012


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How I feel on one of "those" days...
and today turned into one of those days for me physically and mentally.

There were two things within the last 24 hours that I had 'promised' someone I would involved a meeting at church and another involved providing food for a local shelter a few miles North of here.  Previously in my life, I've been VERY dependable, and on time (for the most part...even tho' hubs might clear his throat on this one).

In my current state of this body (that God has given me for this period of time) I've begun disappointing myself...and others.  Knowing I'm struggling with 'forgetting' various things, rather big or little, and not realizing until 'way' after the event is over...that I've missed the boat...not shown up...not followed through with my commitments.  It drives me batty.  I hate doing this.

Even remembering to take the time and put it on a 'list', or in my phone so it will 'chime' at me hasn't helped...the list goes missing and then I don't see it...or the phone's battery dies and I miss my 'alarm.   Geez....

Today brought all of the above as well as 'taking down the Christmas tree' sad, such a bluesy thing.

As well as going through 'old ornaments/decorations' and cleaning out several boxes and taking a large amount to Goodwill...another 'separation'.

And on top of the bluesy changes and shameless forgetfulness, my hot flashes have overtaken me today...

I should be thankful it is 64* outside...but I'm already hot inside this body and the 'uncommonly-mild' Spring-ish weather has me 'dripping'.

I've had to take extra meds, add more ice water and just sit down multiple times when they have 'overtaken' me...I can't function when they take over like they have today.

Forgive me with 'venting' to ya'll but my family is as 'tired' of this as I this becomes a 'therapeutic way' for me to empty my bucket.

And on top of it it's raining and thunderstorms for the next three days.

...getting a feeling I need to pull out my Bo Diddly, Sonny Boy Williamson....or better yet, maybe a little Claudette Stone...