Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project 365, week four

Week 4 moved along rather quickly, I think.  Come share with us as we join Sara for another week of happenings.


Instead of getting my usual Sunday-afternoon nap, I had signed up at church to help with one of our family-outreach ministries.  A co-op of churches in our area have built a non-profit and are providing ‘housing’ in our churches for ‘week-long’ snippets.  This ministry has been going on for several years, and many of us are involved in volunteering office skills, food, fellowship, etc. for those homeless families. 


Another lady and I were handling the afternoon fellowship at our day center and we got to host a birthday party for a four-year old little girl and her siblings, parents and another participating family. These were her birthday cake…and she blew out candles, had helium balloons, and ice cream sandwiches…while the adults were enjoying the beginning of the playoff football game on TV. (I don’t show the individual kid pictures for privacy reasons, but they surely were cute with icing all over their faces…the siblings are two years old and one year old)


Having fresh ciabatta bread in my house makes me happy…and it certainly was calling out to be made into a ‘min’ sub sandwich…this pic makes it make so much bigger; however, it was only about 1 1/2” piece sliced from the loaf)…salami, turkey, smoked ham, American cheese, muffaletta olive spread and Greek salad dressing…h.a.p.p.y!



With our strangely balmy weather this past week, we had a few days with rain but more with clouds and fog.  After the fog lifted, I noticed a new visitor to the feeder.  I haven’t looked him up in my book yet…



Bible study prep goes great some weeks and some weeks I struggle to get it in with my full attention.  This was one of my struggle weeks…my ‘mones’ just got the best of me and I let them; sometimes you have to give in and let your body have its own way.  Its comforting to know my class loves me thru this ‘disobedience’…



Fronts have been rolling in and out of here like bowling balls flying down the lanes like Fred Flintstone’s ‘rock’ balls…a new every few minutes, it feels like.  The winds had been picking up after lunch and when I went out the door to retrieve the mail, I looked up and saw God painting this beautiful picture of clouds way up high and a front coming in underneath…just love the striations of grey clouds following the strong winds headed east


1.27.2012  Another little visitor stopping by during a ‘dry’ moment…



Having finished a couple of shawls last week, I was wanting to show you the new project I had started knitting on Friday…except…I realized this evening that even thought I had knitted about 8 inches worth of stockinette, the cabling cross-overs I had completed were about 16spaces off…so I just finished pulling it all out and ‘re-rolling’ the yarn onto the skein.  I will have to give myself a couple of days before picking it up again…my angst at myself for not counting correctly…yuck! 

So, I’ll share a project finished back in November for a friend who had to have her oldest dog put down…she was so sad…I needed to re-direct her and give her some love, so I knitted a little doggie sweater for her ‘Lil-Bit’…he’s so tiny but he surely is handsome in his new turtleneck Winking smile