Friday, February 3, 2012

FRIDAY FACES…what was on my face?

surprise blessing PLAYING ALONG WITH TWO MEMES TODAY...Joining Chantalle, for a pic for each day in FEBROOARY (see, you CAN say it correctly, when it's spelled phonetically!  ;)

this is a shot of my BabyGirl and her friends while they were playing card games at our house over the 'new year' weekend...representing 2012...

I miss having teens in my house on a regular basis...what wonderful energy and
 fun they bring!

SECONDLY, I'm hoping to start a meme to share in a different way:
‘facing’ previous days
Blogging 3 emotions encountered earlier in the week
…in word or photos
FIRST: Steaming mad venting... 'sad’, ‘did not like', or an 'angry'
SECOND: Freezing ‘I don't care’, or ‘really?’…maybe a 'Why care?'
THIRD: Angel 'smiley' moment, a fun fulfillment, or a surprise blessing'

1.  Why did the ‘court system’ tell me there was ‘parking in the rear of the courthouse on their automated answering system’… Sad smile but FAILED to mention ‘a card was needed’ to get into said parking??

2.  Yesterday was ‘Groundhog’s day’…Freezing I’ve never understood peoples’ intrigue with this idea…who, by the way, is supposedly only 40% accurate, hahaha.  Have you put any ‘belief’ in his predictions??

3.  A sweet friend agreed to ‘facilitate’ my Bible class for me this week, since I was sitting on my duff knitting my latest shawl and met a new friend who is learning to knit fulfilling my civic duty by serving at the county courthouse.  She eagerly stepped out of a comfort zone and handled everything for me in my absence…some classmates have already mentioned what a great job she did.  I’m so thankful for your willingness, Linda! Nerd smile

How have these 3 faces shown up in your week?…do tell.