Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HODGEPODGE WEDNESDAY...(updated w/ pic)

Come Join us in this week’s HodgePodge…would love to here your answers and/or read your comments to my answers.  


1. With tax season being the most wonderful time of the year...doesn’t everyone enjoy completing their own returns? I get all tingly… eagerly gathering all my receipts so as to plug the numbers into the forms…getting my surprise answer at the very end…it’s like Christmas in reverse.  Yeah, right.
I think the President should leave me milk and cookies for paying MY bills on time and not over-spending and NOT receiving OTHER peoples’ money through my government’s orchestrated programs.

2. Change comes about when we want it and when we don’t.  Change, like clicking seconds on a watch, continues whether or not I want it…occurring while I’m inattentive or mesmerized by its ticking. 
Little changes REALLY sneak in, sliding right into place; maybe they avoid me so I won’t realize they’re arrival.  BIG ones slap you in the face because of their BIGness.  Considering their BADness or GOODness certainly affects my efforts in accepting or trying to fix them. 
As to deciding which changes me more, ‘love’ or ‘pain’, here’s a GREAT quote:
I have found the paradox:  If you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt, only more love.~ Mother Teresa
3.  Even though Tangerine Tango has been highlighted for 2012, it will NOT be part of my house, closet, clothing or shoes…I had enough of that color in the 70’s when my room was orange mushrooms and yellow smiley faces…yuck!      (tangerine tango looks like:  here)

4.  Used to collect roosters…used to collect angels…used to collect nativities….see a pattern?  Moving the collections in/out of boxes is NOT a favorite thing to do any longer nor is dusting in and around all the nooks and crannies of ‘said collections.  These days involve more ‘thrifting, re-thrifting, re-gifting, re-purposing, or throwing out’.  My slogan these days:  When something comes in, something else has to go out.

5.  February/Heart Month: A tasty, heart-healthy dish I like:  roasted asparagus with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon.   

6. My last car trouble was mine, but not mine.  CollegeGirl’s car is in reality ‘my car’ per the title…fuel injector flushes, bearings, and oil pan leaks tend to deplete one’s bank account in the blink of an eye; and in addition, the County/State emissions testing and yearly tag payments had to be handled. 

7. Have you been “more” or “less” demanding on yourself lately? Is that a good trend?  My trend recently has been ‘less’ demanding on myself…cutting myself some slack during some VERY trying times…I know better than to pray for patience, so I’m continuing to pray on His promises and thanking Him for ‘being on this side of the dirt’ as Paula Deane calls it.

8. This afternoon and evening I had been working with a new knitting project which proved cumbersome for my ‘counting’ abilities, so after the third time of getting 20 or so rows into the project and having to pull it all out, I decided to put it down and pick it back up after I had concentrated on some other thing.  Finally, after supper was finished, I picked it back up and successfully counted and knitted my way back to the 23rd row…maybe this time, I’ll be happy with it’s outcome.