Sunday, February 12, 2012

PROJECT 365…wk six

Week 6.

I cut cut a fresh pineapple and decided to root it…by time it has some dangly roots, it might be warm enough to move it outside.




The little black-capped chickadees have been hard to capture this week; boy, are the fast!




100_1288was able to capture the chickadee in the tree; waiting his turn for the feeder…


the titmouse was politely waiting his turn also


When the neighbor’s cat came prowling up onto my back deck, the birds all took to the trees…even the mourning dove…she sat up in the tree quite a while until she knew he was no longer on the deck.


they’re loving the bird butter….


Mr. yellow finch came back today


and then Mr. house finch came with his family…he was looking rather inquisitive, don’t you think?

100B1140Mr. titmouse finally got his turn



Today I continued working on some new little crocheted shoes … these will be going to the teen pregnancy center’s newest moms for their little ones…I especially like the little camo thread, it is wonderfully soft and easy to work with the needle.

Thursday    no pics Sad smile


I’m making this for Valentine’s Day…you can find it at JUST A PINCH


thought I’d make it ahead of time and see if I can have one ready for DearestDaughter at the end of the month when she brings her girlfriends with her.


Hubs and I went to the home show…

to see all the latest/greatest home improvement ideas…

lots of brochures/business cards…

for landscaping/retaining walls, brick paths, leveling the front porch; revamping the entire kitchen; rebuilding a deck/pergola with an opening/closing top/collapsible screens for the high-traffic doors/deck/garage…



one of the booths had a race car with many, many famous racers’ autographs…you might recognize some of these names…





semperfi said...

Love all the bird pics. That cake look wonderful!!!

Kim said...

Y'all are absolutely KILLIN' me with the food pictures! LOL Seriously I am starving after seeing the cowabunga burger, muffins, taco salad, your yummy cake... *sigh* The closest I came to a food photo was the fruit pectin I got in the mail :)

Those baby booties are too cute! I'd never seen crocheted ones like that. Just darling!

Have a great week!

LuAnn said...

Love those baby booties. I am a new crochet person. Maybe someday I can make those.

Love the dessert.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I meant to bring you some baby yarn today but totally forgot, maybe I can remember to bring it on Wednesday.....

Love'n all your birdie friends...


sara said...

those baby booties are so sweet!!!

And that cake looks absolutely divine!!!

Joyce said...

I've never tried rooting a pineapple. I didn't know you could : ) The cake looks divine!


I have rooted a pineapple before and actually got a small one from it. I loved that cake...and those precious baby shoes. Loved them!

The Bug said...

What great bird pictures! And those little shoes are so CUTE! But of course the winner is that cake. So the plan is that I'm going to spend a week at Robin's house & then I'm skooting on over to YOUR house for a week. Then I'll waddle off to join weight watchers :)

skoots1mom said...

bug...come on down!

rita said...

The Bug is so funny!
Hey, we should plan a grand bloggy reunion!
Never heard of rooting pineapple, may try that. Have you ever planted the avocado seeds.

beckyjomama said...

Oh those sweet baby booties - there is a baby boom goin on at our church and I wish so much I had that skill, so I could bless these sweet families!

The cake? Mercy! YUMM!