Sunday, February 5, 2012


Week 5.
I really enjoy walking to the mailbox and breaking out in a sweat in the middle of winter
do want there to be MORE Winter
we need some freezing temperatures to get rid of the majority of INSECTS who will devour our flesh if we don’t have colder temperatures
…and I’d love to host two or three days of snow, to cover up the GRAY.
But…today it is in the high 60s and I’m in shorts and a sleeveless top. 
in the meantime, here’s part of my week…(don’t you want to play along with us, too?  you can click on sara’s widget above to get over to the hosting site.)
We enjoyed celebrating a birthday for someone close at Papadeaux’s, where we enjoyed cajun/creole dishes and split a dessert of ‘fresh key lime pie’…and once home, I captured this little guy on my back feeder ;D  CLICK THE PIC FOR A LARGER VIEW
Have you ever seen a TUFTED TITMOUSE?  If not, here’s one that was helping himself to my sunflower seeds.  They’re one of my favorites…their calls can be a harsh, scolding zhee zhee zhee but their song is a loud, whistled peto peto peto or wheedle wheedle wheedle. 

Grocery shopping I often find tedious and uneventful, unless I should happen up on a friend…I guess you could say I happened up on a ‘different kind’ of friend pretending to be a car, hahahah!
Wednesdays are usually one of my busier days; however, the County had a different idea in mind for me this entire week. 
Wednesday ended up being the ONLY day I was called to the courthouse, where I did make it into a 10-person panel for a specific Judge; however, she came out in her robes and notified us of their having reached some understandings and NOT needing to proceed with a jury trial. 
Even though our ‘designated Judge’ was finished with us, the County made us stay an additional hour and a half until they had determined that the other 3 sitting Judges that day were no longer in need of ‘additions/replacements’ for their cases…we even got released for the remainder of the week Smile
Today my birdfeeder has been a ‘warzone’ between the house finches, wrens and sparrows…
This family of House finches made a day of it…
…adolescent male house finch

Adult Male male house finch…

…Adult Female House Finch

Female House Sparrow who was fighting for some time on the feeder:430373_3160764575309_1151155808_3390322_1506365156_n[1]
Male Carolina Wren407902_3160767655386_1151155808_3390327_392110994_n[1]
praying you’ve enjoyed your week, so come along and play with us over at sara’s…she’s a great hostess!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The Hubs loves Papadeaux’s, glad y'all had a good time!

You had a lot of feathered visitors this week, love watching all their flitting around!


Sassy Granny ... said...

Love the birds, especially the "adolescent". I wonder if they challenge their parents (if that's what you call adult finches who gave them birth) like human adolescents? Made me grin!

beckyjomama said...

great pictures!!!! so many pretty birds!

sara said...

I was just telling my husband the other day day that we better get some cold weather soon or we will be eaten alive by bugs this summer! ugh!!

Great pictures!

Joyce said...

Such lovely birds! They think it's spring : )

The Bug said...

Love all the bird pics! They're so much fun to watch aren't they?

We had a Papadeaux’s near where we used to live & I only went twice - Dr. M never did go. Funny - it's a pretty nice place.

The Semi-Domesticated Mama said...

What great bird pictures. I can't get any pictures of living creatures around here- my kids scare them off too fast! Thanks for visiting me. I hope you have a great week.