Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Beastie Kitty stalking, seeing what's lurking in and out of the blades
...scooting to and fro, gathering whatever for wherever...
.....resting, enjoying the southern sun on the hard, heated bricks leading to the door
..........looking again, a brown, spotted lizard; pouncing and playing catch!

Bees buzzing in, on, up, down, around, finally landing on a bloom
......wings closed while gathering God's pollen goodness
.............wings open, readying for flight, gathering is done

Butterfly billowing, wisping through warm breezes, meandering through leaves and trees
......flittering quickly, to and fro, never staying still on one perch very long
...........contrasting yellow-black against the lavenders and greens, what beauty!

Blooms greeting visitors in the morning, opening to sunshine after nightly naps
......spider-like, lizard-green fingers reaching from each stem, welcoming daylight
..........dusk enticing each petal to protect itself; closing gently to embrace another rest
For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him


Mezzo Forte said...

Girl, sorry to be such a loser. I was totally gobsmacked to hear you had been surgified upon! I've been thinkin bout ya...especially seeing CK in the congregation without you. RL had to enlighten my ignorant self. So glad that you are doing well and feeling better. I remember when my mom had this's not fun. Are you on facebook? If so, be friend....pwweeease!

Robin Lambright said...

I'm jealous, your flowers are awsome, I dont know how long this connection will last. You get back on and I start to have issues. Welcome back to the blogosphere, I know you missed it and we missed your poems. Love ya Girlfriend! Talk to ya tomorrow.

Mary said...

Well,, I'm getting behind! First of all, you left a portion of Psalm 103 on my blog on the 4th. That is one of the chapters that I have memorized and I go over it many mornings. I love it! My husband has also memorized most of it and we say scripture together when we take trips.

On the Simple Women's Daybook, I love what you said, and also giving a scripture after each thing you were doing.

Also enjoyed, "Beasts,Bees, Butterflies and Blooms" You are very creative.

I'm expecting my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow. Coming in from WV, so I probably won't be on the computer as much. . .but hopefully, I'll be back. :)


godlover said...

Enjoyed your creativity this morning: Beasts, Bees,Butterflies, and Blooms. Do you by chance live in Georgia. It's just a guess but I have that feeling. Thanks for visiting my blog. I try to be a little more creative and less didactic, but with me you get what you get or you don't get at all, HA! HA!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Beautiful flowers, friend.
Thanks for sharing.

I see from previous comments who've had surgery and been "away". Somehow I didn't have you on my blog list so I hadn't been checking it.

Hope you are healing and recovery well.

Linda said...

I'm a lover of the Rose Moss, too. I was shocked to learn (this year) that it is a perennial. Then My husband accidentally dug all of them up but one. I have one lonely little Rose Moss with some others.

skoots1mom said...

hey, linda, did he ever dig up your pokeweed?