Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Lord's Love

As I gaze upon this picture, it speaks about June 14, 1947 (from atop of Stone Mountain)--my parents were celebrating their marriage that day...Having endured World War II, he returned home at the age of 21 to wed my mother who had turned 15 on her last birthday.
He had left for the war immediately after his graduation and spent three years in the jungles of Luzon Island in the Philippines-- while my mother was still in high school playing basketball, even though she was probably the shortest one of the team! He was raised helping his daddy run a country diner/gas station and my mother was helping her mother raise her four brothers and older sister. It was her sister who introduced her to my see, her sister couldn't date alone, so she had to have her little sister tag along to the movies.
It was the beginning of a 44-year marriage held together by "the Lord's love" mother always gave herself and her days to the Lord, and later in life, my father came to know the Lord when they retired back to Alabama.
Ours was a loving, happy home and I will always be grateful for their love, their sharing their love by having us, their showing my friends love and teaching my sister and me how to love our Lord and seek His ways!
Anytime I climb Stone Mountain, I think of my parents' beginning there and I smile.

But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children-


Mary said...

I thought I would check your blog before retiring for the night. And there is was, a new post! What a neat way to come back. . with love. . the Lord's love! It certainly was enjoyable reading.
Glad you're back. . . I have missed you!


Robin Lambright said...

Ditto what Mary said! Talk to you later!

skoots1mom said...

i had wanted to make it to church today...showered, fixed my face, dressed, then a major hot flash and a migraine took over...oh, well, i'm having to take it a day at a time...

Mary said...

I forgot to tell you that I loved the picture of your parents. I have a picture of Curtis and me with a very similiar pose.

And. . Curtis' mother was 15 when she married and his dad was 25 and he had just returned from World War I
They raised a family of four. . two girls and two boys and I married the baby of the family. :)

Have a beautiful day with no migraines, OK?


Linda said...

LOVE this post and picture. My wedding anniv. is 6/14/85. Also, my father, 86, is a WWII vet. He is four years older than my mom. They were married in 1941 and are still together! He left for Europe not long after they were married.