Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday we enjoyed meeting friends at one of the HOT movies for the summer...HANCOCK. This is a movie for "older" teens, in my opinion, because there is some language we don't allow at our house. However, the story line is good, there are some twists that QUICKLY catch your attention, and I believe a sequel is definitely possible. Will Smith does a "phenom job" being gruff, believable, then clean-cut and "learning to make better decisions" as he entrenches himself in a new understanding.

No popcorn or drinks, we were just there to SEE the movie...HEAR the soundtrack and ENJOY time with good friends. As we walked down the entrance way through the dark, carpeted walls and turned the corner seeing the magnificent screen and captains chair seats, we were amazed...we were the only ones in the theatre!
ALRIGHT, this is going to be a treat, for sure.

As we sat down to take in all our ALONENESS, we enjoyed the previews of the remaining movies coming out this summer. There are some good ones coming, so we'll be saving our money for those, too! RAIDERS, BATMAN, EAGLE's EYE, STEP BROTHERS...many to choose from. The lights started going down and we turned off our cell phones, so we didn't INTERRUPT WITH OUR OWN the shortflick urges you to do.
As we enjoyed the movie, the fast action of the opening scenes, another family SNUCK IN--I guess they really didn't sneak in, but I had no idea they were there.
Until....during one of the more quiet scenes as we listened to Charlize Theron and Will Smith, the three kids brought in with one adult got excited, tired, into the movie, needed to go to the bathroom, I don't know which.

Only two families in the theatre, and suddenly the scenes were being broken...what are the odds? My compassion was not at its highest at this moment. Oh, was good while it lasted--and I know things are tight and babysitters can be expensive. But, I remember when my parents wouldn't take us to an adult movie because IT WAS AN ADULT movie.
When and why has that changed? I also wondered what other "older" movies these toddlers have seen and heard that will be forming their on-going vocabulary?
Pray with me: parents to be more concerned about what example they are setting for their children...that families will share babysitting responsibilities to give Mom and Dad a day or night out to themselves at the movies or dinner... so people wanting to enjoy a large-screen movie can hear what they've spent an hour's wages on.
A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.