Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Six Random Things About Myself" Meme

One of my favorite blog buddies ("tagged" me with a new meme (thoughts transmitted from one blogger to a group) and each member of the group answers the same questions and continues the process.
1. My first prayers were with my sister, who is 8 years older than me. We'd go to bed every night ..."Good night," I'd say, she'd answer, "Sleep tight!" I'd chime back in saying, "Pleasant dreams" then she'd say "Same to you!" then we'd add in blessings from the day, concerns for sick people, and just about anything we thought of...usually I would fall asleep before the prayer was finished!

2. As a young child I loved the pup tent my Daddy gave me. It's where I set up "Barbie World" with Ken, Midge, and Skipper. I always enjoyed when my neighbor, Linda, would bring her blue plastic chest filled with Barbies and "furniture"!...she had wicker chairs and tables and I had couches made out of Kleenex boxes. One of my proudest Christmas presents was a pink convertible Barbie sports car...she could fly down the road for real and they didn't have seat belts, so when they hit a rock, she and Ken would be tossed from the car and then we would get to play ambulance and nurse.

3. I was a drum major my junior/senior years in high school ... at band camp my first directing year, I was so eager to do a good job and was excited about getting out on the field. Being so early in the morning, the grass was really wet at Berry College. We removed our tennis shoes 'cause we didn't want to have to march all day in wet Keds...unfortunately, a spider bit my foot and I spent the rest of the day with my foot on ice propped up in a chair, directing from the sidelines!

4. My Granny lived way out in the "kuntry" and lived next door to an AME church. I remember sitting on her front porch after we had returned from her church, enjoying the summer breezes and listening to her neighbor church's members singing through their open air conditioning in any of the churches back then...they would worship on into the afternoon, sometimes until the sun went down.

5. (Thanks to for the turkey pic!) I remember cooking my first turkey for Thanksgiving in our NEW HOUSE with my in-laws and sister-in-law visiting while her husband was serving in Desert Storm. (You can see this coming, can't you??) I left the giblet bag in the turkey, and my mother-in-law cracked up as she found it when carving the bird....yikes! Needless to say, I wanted to crawl under the table.

6. A situation that wasn't funny then but seems funny now--When hubby and I got married we went on a cruise...and the 3rd day out, our ship caught fire in the engine room. The cruise line had government boats pick up all the passengers from the ship and take us into a little Mexican town we had never heard of. We were at the mercy of the "taxi cab" drivers...and mind you, I use that term loosely, 'cause none of these cars were marked as taxis. They drove us about 60 miles to the closest big port and the ship met us there that night to continue the rest of our cruise. Our friends had great fun saying, "Boy, you guys had a really "hot" honeymoon! ha

OK, I'm only going to make it to 3 blogger friends to be tagged...but 3's better than none:
  1. BE STILL AND KNOW...a budding writer, loving God and her girlfriends

  2. MEZZO FORTE...loving mom, heavenly singer

  3. TURNING POINTS, one of my favorite teachers of children and adults...she's smart beyond her years teaching HARD MATH to high schoolers...and she sings to our Lord with her voice and her life!

This was fun, Mary, thanks for inviting me!