Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yatir Forest in 1965
60 years ago...
Israel's War of Independence...

Our Lord's homeland...Did you know Americans helped save it...
They were immigration ship runners before the establishment of the state who brought more than 31,000 Holocaust survivors to Palestine.

In 2005, I facilitated a Disciple 2 class and at the end of our 34-week Bible-study journey, they presented me with a certificate I never confirming the purchase and planting of two trees (in my honor) from the National Jewish Foundation in Israel. I was taken aback.

And today, our Lord saw fit for me to stumble on the
IN JERUSALEM is Israel's 60th birthday!
Look what has been done for His homeland !
Lord, bless Israel's 60th birthday--Bring Your Peace to them. Hatikva, Israel! Hope, Israel!

Yatir Forest, 2008