Tuesday, May 13, 2008


When we go to the Scripture for guidance, my accountability group and I love the "bunny trails" He takes us on as we study.
We'll start in one location and He pulls us to another reference or critical word that is pulling at our hearts...these "bunny trails" become blessings from the Holy Spirit time after time.
So, I wanted to try and capture how His Word is living in life... How has He spoken to you in Scripture?

Living Trails
Chasing needs, wants--Holy Scripture
Going behind, pursuing His knowledge
Seeking out His vines; His garden of Heavenly words
His sweet scented Bread-of-Life aroma; Recognizing His scent?

Worldly volume LOUDER--His voice becomes then a whisper.
Quieting worldly noises, fainter-- so His voice becomes clear
Living life, beating paths; walking calmly or running in turmoil

Walking on cotton balls, soothing, peaceful one-ness in His Word
Searing concrete heat, denying His Word
Jagged pains reaching every joint, unending pounding, no rest

Proud deciders appearing successful, trailing behind Him
Without Him, loosely falling, spinning
Many believing themselves; falsely deciding self's path

Climbing insurmountable hills then valleys full of human mud
Splatters covering, grinding sand in wounds
Throwing stones, bruising and being bruised
Dirtiest now, deep in muck; black-blue turning green, needing relief

Following His Wisdom, creation, wonderfully made
Acknowledging Him--paths becoming straight, pleasant, peaceful
Walking His path-a broken trail of promises? ”Not one has failed”

Praising His unending steadfastness
Knowing man's heart, He’s still healing, guiding, comforting
Today throughout Eternity!