Sunday, May 18, 2008

In the Open or Behind Closed Doors?

Today Internet Cafe Chat questions:

  1. In which areas of my life do I continually and regularly experience 'struggle'?
  2. Am I willing to turn those areas over to Him, knowing He is fully sovereign and trustworthy?
  3. Where do I know God is working out a beautiful, holy plan for my life?

I grew up in a wonderfully loving home but when my parents had disagreements they handled them behind closed doors. So, I had a skewed vision for handling disagreements. My struggles involve handling conflict--it's very uncomfortable and makes me uneasy. If I ignore it, will it go away maybe? Our society teaches "taking the easy way out" which doesn't teach us how to truthfully handle the situation. Sin is still sin and will always be such...a turning from God and His ways.

Through Biblical guidance, prayer, and an accountability group that helps me understand conflict and openness--I find help. Those combined helpmates guide me me to hand it to God first to massage my words and direct my thoughts to approach tough discussions...when I'm brave enough to actually do it. Yes, I still struggle but I know He will help me when I give it to Him from my heart.

Close behind conflict runs confession--which rights us with ourselves, with God and with whoever else was involved..(maybe there were spontaneous, hurtful words or rolled eyes, deep breaths or silence?)

When we finally give confession it streams in as salve for the self-induced injury and when shared honestly is followed by grace (from God or from the other person). Wonderful comfort knowing our Savior loved us enough to sacrifice His most precious Son to ensure relationship with us sinners...His Son didn't sin yet he took ours. He IS already interceding on behalf of our confessions, before we utter a word, he KNOWS our hearts and IS already taking our requests to the Father...notice the present verbs...He occupies a seat at the right hand of God!!

Lord, continually give us Your vision for our words, our actions, even the small things we do each day. Give us a want to bring every concern to You for your Sovereign Opinion and Guidance.