Monday, May 5, 2008


Central Perk 2008, open
Senior-pic cake, couches, white-linen tables
“I’ll Be There for You!”

Balloons, hand-decorated bags
Chattering friends, enjoying the moment
Flashes flashing

Junior hosts, hostesses
Seniors servants, black and white attendants
Showing, serving love

Favorite youth memories
"Ridin' with Allen", beach "Sun-sets, no -rises"
Campground, peanut butter plexiglass

Button-downs, ties, skirts
Expressing themselves, uniquely
Kids, no longer

Hugs, all around
Wanting to freeze the moment
Wet cheeks, bright smiles

Growing up shots
Couches, listening, love letters remembering
Small then, Now grown

Mentors’ golden advice
Meredith: Always Seek Him; Andrew: Go Big or Go Home!
Allen: Seek Christian community FIRST

Into the world
Continue His Elevation, out there!
Central Perk 2008, closed