Friday, May 23, 2008

Obedience...submissive behavior; respect to another

We try every day in some way to influence our kids: food choices, cleanliness, saying "nice" things, telling them things we learned as children.

So many times are my words falling on deaf ears? I've become a master of non-verbals, which could sometimes knock me off my chair...rolling eyes, deep breaths followed by "Mooooom", or walking ahead of me anytime we're in public so people won't recognize we're together. Yes, teen parenting calls on many different skill sets you learn thru hard experience or wonderful, sharing friends who have already been there.

Just when I'm at that point of collapsing, I'm sent an encouraging friend sharing good things she's heard or seen in my child--or a decision she makes for the right reason...then I am given confirmation her ears were working! Paraphrasing from your words, "2nd Cup of Coffee", "We notice (like God notices) when they "listen" to what we place on their hearts."

So....I'll continue to pray she understands God to the depths of her soul, seeking His input in every decision; especially when I'm not there to remind her--then He'll have to deal with her rolling eyes! ~:)


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hang in there mom. I'm the mother of 4, with one just returning from his first year in collge. While away this year, I would call him from time to time. Not because I was missing his presence, but simply because I needed the reminder that the other three will grow up one day to become responsible young adults.

For all the fits my 1st gave me...those days when I thought that a jail cell most certainly awaited his future (just kidding)...

well, he's become the polar opposite. A young man in hot pursuit of his Maker. As a mother, this brings me hope for the others.

Parenting is a sacred trust. When done in the light of our Father's love for us, then we do it at the best level possible.

May God walk with you in this season of constant fluctuation. It's a prayer I'm praying for my heart also.


Linda said...

I was commenting here and got interrupted. I hope I'm not repeating myself. But then again, as a mom of teens, I'm pretty used to repeating myself. We moms have to stick together. I'm glad we met!