Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wasn't It Just Yesterday?

This came too soon...
Wasn't it just yesterday she held the car keys as she sat in the grocery store buggy...jangling them , clanking them against the handlebar...she was loving the sound ...oh no, she's put them in her mouth. Sweetie, let's not chew them--they're dirty. Well, now it doesn't matter because she's just flung them up and over her head into the back of the buggy! Her squeal catches the grocery clerk's attention who smiles at the big, blue-eyed baby giggling with her Mommy. We'll leave well enough alone and find something else to play with from Mommy's purse...what in there is good to chew on?? Let's see...I know that was yesterday...

Wasn't it just yesterday... she's holding the razor skooter in its travel bag, begging to ride with Emily down the culdesac...I'm big enough and I promise I'll be careful. (Yes, I know it was yesterday) the day I said, "OK, but I'll watch from the window!" Minutes later, Cody the albino great dane is hearing her skooter crash, so he's jumping the fence and standing over her until his Daddy is scooping her up from the pavement. Only a few bumps and bruises were the outcome but she understands the unforgiving attitude of the pavement. (Maybe it wasn't yesterday).

But, it had to have been yesterday as she was peddling her mountain bike around Callaway Gardens with the Summerbell clan. "Yes, Ma'am, I put on sunscreen and I'm staying with the group as we ride through the azaleas and past the chapel. Yes, your Mommy is nervous again...I can't seem to see her from the window. She's moving further away each time...oh, what will tomorrow bring?

You're saying, it wasn't yesterday, but it feels like it was. My days must be passing quicker now, but there are still 24 can it be going so quickly? Another yesterday come and gone...can I put a hold on her for a little bit? Each picture I am taking is capturing her latest "new" adventure. Today's driving test was a challenge--nerves were popping out all over, for me and her. As she's smiling for the picture, I'm excited for her achieving her goal yet nervous for the reality of "letting God" be her co-pilot now...unknow roads ahead without my being in the car.

So, I'll be standing at the window watching and waiting...praying the phone rings each time she leaves and arrives and her telling me, "I'm leaving or I'm here!"--then, my heart will slow down for the moment.

Yes, I know it was yesterday...but those yesterdays are coming so quickly they're feeling like tomorrows...and by time I realize it's today, it's really yesterday.