Saturday, May 17, 2008

Looking Up and Answering God?

Do you ever run from God thinking, "I know better" and avoid taking the time to have that quiet, personal time? Reading a blog earlier today got me thinking about this.
I truly believe WE MUST spend intentional quiet time with Him or else we're just "playing" christian to appease our conscience rather than really communicating with Him. Just like when parents get quick answers at the end of their teen's school day, just to get the parents to quit asking questions. You know, when asking what happened at school, you get, "oh, nothing" or "nothing new" , or my favorite, "I don't remember" teachers are putting a lot of time into their lessons and trying to reach, on those days of short answers remember back to how it was when you were in high school. Ask the questions they'll answer, "So what girlfriend had an interesting story today?" or "what was the funniest thing that happened today?" Then, sometimes a more thorough answer will be given...opening up to more real conversation.
God often asks us uncomfortable questions, too, and He gets our attention by asking us a different question that catches our ear.
give us all a "want" to share our days with you, even if our first answer is "oh, nothing".